IS IT TRUE we have been informed by reliable sources that plans for a proposed downtown Senior Citizens housing projects are quietly being developed by MVG and Evansville Housing Authority with the knowledge and support of the Mayor? …the site for first proposed 32 unit Senior Housing development shall be at the old wing  (vacant) YMCA building located N E 5th and Vine Streets across form the Old Vanderburgh Court House? …that the multi-story wing of the YMCA building has been vacant for the last 25 years plus and at one time were rented out for rooms for people passing through Evansville? …part of this proposed development will be a 32 parking lot area located at the old Evansville Housing Authority Corporate offices located on N E 5th Street and Court Street? …our sources tell us that the vacant wing of the YMCA was sold for $150,000?  …we shall inform our readers more details of whom purchase this property at a later date?

    IS IT TRUE that MVG and Evansville Housing Authority with the knowledge and support of the Mayor have also designed a second plan to build 32 Senior Citizens Loft apartments located in the Center City on S E 10th Street and Lincoln Avenue on a piece of vacant property known as old ERIE Housing Development property owned by the Evansvillle Housing Authority?

    IS IT TRUE the firm of Myszak+Palmer Architecture-Development of Vincennes, In. has drawn up initial plans for these Senior housing developments? …we wonder who are the MVG group listed on the project plans with the Evansville Housing Authority as Co-Developers for these project?

    IS IT TRUE we wonder why 4th Ward City Councilwoman Connie Robinson wasn’t informed about these proposed housing projects in her district? …we are puzzled why Center City leader and developer Rev. Adrian Brooks was not given the courtesy by the Mayor office to get his input on these proposed Senior Housing projects?

    IS IT TRUE we wonder if any tax credits, loans and grants will be giving by the Evansville Redevelopment Commission to MVD and The Evansville Housing Authority to help fund these project?

    IS IT TRUE we also are hearing that Evansville Housing Authority and the City Of Evansville are considering turning the Kennedy band Buckner Tower into dorm rooms for new Med School students once the new Senior Housing projects are completed?

    Click here to the link showing the proposed plans for downtown Evansville and Center City Senior Housing Plans:        senior-housing


    1. I wonder why this is so hush-hush and how much public money has already gone to the planning of these developments. I also wonder what data is being used to justify the thought of student housing in the Dead Zone.

      • The furrier & suppression will probably tote all that soon enough, they must need Sunday print sales, our contacts there said they were trying to hand ’em out free at the grocery outlets around the place again today.
        Friends, mailed us that the stack was pretty tall on the handout table. The guy told them he’d was supposed to ask everybody that entered if they wanted a free copy. He indicated he probably hadn’t unloaded 3 copies in the whole time he was set up. Free ones! Must not be many people with bird cages anymore, either. Those buildings are amongst the same rotten old zombie infrastructure and crumby logistics throughput in downtown Evansville. What ever happens, it won’t be very cost balanced forward due to the additional utilities needed for sustainable usage viability. Doesn’t appear anyone fixed what they have to offer yet, everybody knows that.

    2. First of all, that rendering is completely ugly and has no business being in a downtown much less straight across from the Old Courthouse. That’s something you’d find in a big town not a small city. Please tell me that’s the rendering for the second location not the first!

      Secondly, I’m trying to read between the lines here. Is the old wing of the Y staying or coming down? Not sure why it couldn’t be renovated due to its height and density for something like this.

      Now that they are getting these hideous senior houses, they need to leave West Michigan Street alone.

    3. How ironic is it that this property would be renovated into student dorms had the city made the right decision and built the med school on the old Central lot. I can see why this decision was made mostly behind closed doors.

    4. The probable reason that Connie R. wasn’t told is because they were afraid that she’d insist on getting the cleaning supplies and janitorial contract before she’d let it be built.

    5. Last I heard was that a guy named Rueger who owned Franklin Electric across the street from Berry Plastics owned the “old” YMCA building. Not sure if he’s still around but one of his sons (John) still owns and runs Franklin Speed Shop located in the Franklin Electric building.

    6. Honestly, if it’s privately funded construction, and privately owned property, I could care less if it’s built to code. However, It will require substantial sewer and water upgrades to be feasible.

      • Agreed, but it seems that there is no private investment in the Dead Zone. The Phantom hotel is still waiting for that private money, even after the taxpayers are obligated to “pony up”!

    7. Why do we need more senior citizen living facilities? Market Place and Grand View are begging for tenants. Market Place has money problems, even though they have two chefs. Check out the advertisements in the free senior citizens paper available at the groceries and in bank lobbies. Look how many assisted living locations are listed with vacancies and special deals. Even Good Samaritan is not at full occupancy.

      The State of Indiana has programs designed to help people stay in their own homes that are much less expensive to the state and are much friendlier to the individual. Who has worked all their life to secure their home only to give it up to live in an apartment where they know no one and are away from their friends and neighbors? We need another Senior Citizen apartment building as much as we need another Walmart. By the way, what is the occupancy rate at the Fulton Ave. apartments for low income residents?

      The City of Evansville and the county need to get out of the construction business using our tax dollars. If something is needed and a profit can be made by providing a service, private businessmen will be willing to fill that need. That is, if the local banks will loan them the money and they grease enough palms downtown.

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