Braun Praises President Trump’s Strong Policy Toward Iran

Senator Donnelly Continues to Support Obama’s Failed & Dangerous Iran Deal
 Mike Braun released the following statement on President Trump’s executive order to reimpose sanctions on Iran following his withdrawal from President Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal which Senator Joe Donnelly strongly supported:
“President Trump’s foreign policy of maximum pressure toward our enemies is getting results where career politicians have failed for decades,” said Mike Braun. “Unlike career politician Senator Donnelly, who is a fervent supporter of President Obama’s failed and dangerous Iran nuclear deal, I strongly support President Trump’s decision to reimpose sanctions on the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism: Iran.”


  1. So the carnival barking showboat who has filed bankruptcy 6 times, whose business empire wouldn’t last 24 hours without Russian laundered money, and who doesn’t know anymore about the Iran nuclear deal than he does about healthcare and trade deals is your hero, right Braun?

    Man you just cemented my vote. And you can take that to good ole al shar pie’s bank.

    Speaking of shar pie’s bank, you may advise your King Daddy that shar pie’s bank is open 24/7 in case his Orange Squeeze is in need of it;

    Which looks like may be sooner rather than later.

    “Braun the multimillionaire owns Meyer Distributing, a national auto parts distribution business.
    Braun has campaigned on his business background and has pledged to bring back jobs that have been outsourced overseas.
    But an Associated Press review of his business record found he regularly imports goods from foreign countries and has been sued by employees in three states over unpaid wages and poor working conditions”!

    Yep, I’ll probably be the vote that puts you over the top Braun. Trust me….

  2. Thank you Mr.Braun………….the reason obama made the deal with iran and illegally sent billions of taxpayers cash in the middle of night on pallets to iran was because obama is anti Israel …………………truth to a liberal fool is like salt to a slug………………


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