Former Olympian Anne Audain Brings The Crowd To Their Feet

by CCO Staff

AUGUST 5, 2022

The “Shoulders Family Lecture Series” featured Anne Audain presenting Triumph Over Adversity Thursday night in the Shoulders Family Commons at Harrison High School. After the completion of her presentation, Anne was thanked and congratulated with a standing ovation from the almost 150 people that were in attendance. It is important to note that the crowd for this particular “Shoulders Lecture Series” was filled with the most diverse crowd in recent memory. Many students of all ages, school administration, and community members filled the seats for this event.

Anne’s presentation was filled with many examples of how her adversity in life had given her strength. ¬†Anne Audain spoke on her journey from custom-made orthopedic boots to custom-made Nike’s and everything that happened from her childhood throughout her professional long-distance running career. Overcoming reconstructive surgery on both feet at 14, Anne became the most consistent winner in the world in distance running.

Pat Shoulders performed amazingly as the master of ceremonies. Pat and Anne Audain has had a long-lasting friendship over the years and worked extremely well together throughout the night. Pat Shoulders stated that “Anne Audain is one of the greatest runners in the history of the sport”. The “Shoulders Family Lecture Series” was an opportunity to let Evansville know that she lives right here in this sports-crazy town.”

EVSC Director of Athletics, Dr. Andy Owen, worked collaboratively with the Shoulders family to bring the Olympian runner Anne Audain to Harrison to speak with members from all five of the EVSC running teams. “This event was so meaningful and memorable for our EVSC students. Listening to such an inspirational speaker that has accomplished so much as an amazing athlete is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our communities youth. Anne is a world-class athlete and is more importantly an even better person”

Footnote:  Photo contributed by Sticky Soda Productions of Evansville



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