AGENDA: Vanderburgh County Board of Commissioners


Vanderburgh County
Board of Commissioners
December 21, 2010
5:00 p.m.,
Room 301

1. Call to Order
2. Attendance
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Permission to Open Quotes for VC10-12-01: Mann Road Culvert No. 1212 Replacement
5. Action Items
• ONB Insurance: Property and Casualty Insurance Premium Comparison
• Cooperative Purchasing Organization: Award Delivered Bulk Fuel to Heritage Petroleum and Wabash Valley Services
• Jill Gehlhausen: Southern Indiana Classic Marathon and Half Marathon
• Economic Development Coalition: Bohannaon Estates
i. Permission letter to hold and advertise public hearings
ii. Citizen Participation Report
• Old West Heights Trade School Property/1430 Harmony Way
• Commissioners: Sale of 1018 Adams Ave.
• Commissioners: Redemption of 620 E. Gum
• Commissioners: Requests for Redemption Period Extensions on Tax Sale Properties
i. 618 Louisiana
ii. 15 E. Tennessee
iii. 807 S. Werner Ave.
iv. 1010 N. Second Ave.
• Contracts, agreements and leases
i. Health Department: Verizon Wireless Contract
ii. EMA: Sub-Grant Agreement EDS#C44P-1-164A
iii. Purdue Cooperative Extension Services: Amendment No. 3 to Contractual Services Agreement
iv. County Engineer: LPA – Consulting Contract with Cripe Architects and Engineers
v. Sheriff: Sprint/ Nextel Agreement
vi. Commissioners:
 Fred Bumb Drainage Tile Easement
 Vanderburgh County Engineer Old Courthouse Lease Agreement Renewal
 AIDS Recourse Group Old Courthouse Lease Agreement Renewal
 2011 WNIN Agreement
 2011 YMCA Membership Agreement
 2011 Mulberry Center Employee Assistance Agreement
 2011 Youth Resources Agreement
 2011 Evansville ARC Agreement
 JE Shekell Contract for Semi-Annual Maintenance of HVAC at Old Court House
 Xerox copier lease for County Auditor’s office
 Addendum to Welborn Health Plans Agreement
6. Department Head Reports
7. New Business
• Set first meeting for 2011
8. Old Business
9. Public Comment
10. Consent Items
• Approval of prior minutes
i. December 7, 2010 Commission meeting minutes
• Employment Changes
• Commissioners: Old Courthouse Boiler Motor Replacement Quote
• County Engineer: Pay Request No. 118 for $415,818.76
• County Treasurer: November 2010 Monthly Report
• Kraftwerks, Inc. Old Courthouse Craft Show 2010 Financial Report
• Southwestern Healthcare: Hillcrest Washington Youth Home Contract Increase for 2011
• Sheriff: ICJI Impaired and Dangerous Driving Grant
• County Treasurer: November 30, 2010 Year to Date Report
• Burdette Park Year to Date Comparison: January through November 2009-2010
• Department Head Reports
11. Adjournment