A New Wave at Marina Pointe



BeerTropolis is the Center of River Front Entertainment

Scottie Thomas

Beertropolis is a fresh, new establishment but in a similar building or lot to people.  Located off Marina Pointe, this trendy, tropical and country-friendly hangout is off the Riverfront in Evansville, Indiana.  Owner and Manager Blake Fulton wants to attract the mature crowd who want to chill, have some drinks, listen to good music and just hang out.

The name ‘Beertropolis’ was created by Tim Ash, a man of many talents in the music and song writing industry.  Similar to that of ‘Margaritaville,’ this jingle kick-started the new place at Marina Pointe for business.  Wanting to lose some of the past stigma about college night clubs, Beertropolis is a break from that atmosphere.

The historical LST from the second World War is harbored just a short walk from Beertropolis.  Decorated with the vessel’s history and story, Beertropolis is working on writing their own history and story.  This Monday, September 23nd, 2013 at 12:30 p.m., the LST will be going down the Ohio River back to dock with Mayor Lloyd Winnecke on board and there will be a live military band.

Their signature item is their burgers.  The traditional cheeseburger is available with your classic condiments and dressings.  Or you may venture away from the norm and try their delicious Bacon Cheeseburger with Pepper Jack Cheese, along with a basket of French fries or onion rings.

With $2 pints of draft beer every day and a Chill Chamber that keeps your aluminum bottles or cans at a temperature of 22 degrees (Fahrenheit).  Open and operating since July 4th of this year, Beertropolis will be host to Keith Vincent on Friday, September 19, 2013 and Rick Hillborne on Saturday, September 20, 2013, both at 8 p.m.

With lots of space and seating, Beertropolis is the perfect place for your birthday parties, wedding receptions and any other celebration or special occasion.  It is barefoot friendly to welcome the boating life individual or any adult with a taste for some good music, some great grub and a chilled beer.  Be sure to check out Beertropolis.

Fulton has two kids, as does his girlfriend, Tabitha, of about a year and a half.  He is divorced and is also a city firefighter of thirteen years.  Fulton has experience in the food and hospitality industry. He also used to be a part-owner of Joey’s Bar & Grill on Franklin Street.  Looking to make Beertropolis the center of entertainment on the Riverfront and a proud partner in the community, Fulton is on board for the new wave on the Ohio River.


  1. I wish you all luck, but Marina Pointe is where restaurants go to die. Hopefully you all are more creative and driven than all the others restauranteurs throughout the years.

  2. Very timely article. Thanks for letting us know the entertainment agenda from 2 WEEKS AGO!!

  3. Former Franklin street business persons ummm.
    (Wfie) Put it up that the west side nut club is offering free shuttles to and from Franklin street for workers from downtown next week. 🙂
    Lunch menue’s on the shuttle. (non profit org.)
    What an grand idea..innovative I must say.

    • That is a great idea. Lots of downtowner’s would love to go there on their lunch break, but finding parking can easily take you over the one hour lunch break.

  4. Tiki Time is the only reason to go to the Marina. I give this place 2 years at best!

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