Gavel Gamut

By Jim Redwine

(Week of 27 April 2015)


President Eisenhower had some good ideas. While I sometimes have my doubts about the interstate highway system as Peg and I play Dodge’Em Cars while traveling this great country, Eisenhower’s desire to recreate the German Autobahn system for America was one good idea.

And Ike’s elevation of democracy over tyranny, the ballot over bullets, may ring somewhat ironic when, according to him, the first vote he ever cast was for himself for president, he saw first hand what bullets could do. Who more than a soldier knows the value of peace? Therefore, President Eisenhower’s proclamation of Law Day came from both experience and wisdom.

A special day for Americans to remember why law, not dogma, was the Founding Fathers’ Holy Grail was another good idea. If one has any doubts about this approach, she or he need only look to those countries where dogma is ascendant. Law Day is not just a celebration, it is a way of life for our nation.

Of course, a “Nation of Laws, not people” is our ideal. As with most ideals, we humans frequently fall short. So did the Founding Fathers. Women, African Americans, Native Americans, young people and those of the LGBT community, among others, were ignored, or worse, by the law when we started this grand experiment. But the struggle continues to be slowly advanced due to our tendency to rely on the adaptable law instead of any immutable ideology or theology.

As our nation celebrates the Rule of Law over anarchy or despotism this Law Day, we can also remember to thank those leaders such as General Eisenhower who helped preserve our ability to do so.



  1. Naturally the law favors the rich in this country, (OJ Simpson) as one example. The Constitution should be self explanatory but the Supreme Court decides it based upon if they are corporate owned or actually true Americans who truly believe in the Constitution, (Presently corporate owned.)

    But all in all Jim, a good article. Although, if we’d had all these Tea People back when Ike built the Interstate System, they wouldn’t have allowed it because he had to raise taxes to build it. But that would have been a good thing because half of them would be dead now from having to drive two lanes roads and we wouldn’t have all the stagnation in our politics we have today because of them.

    So, be careful critizing (sic) the Interstate System Jim for if it weren’t for it, there would be so many camp grounds you and Peg wouldn’t have made it to when it’s time to hang up your gas nozzle to your RV.

    Viva Grover Norquist!


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