Winnecke’s 2014 Campaign Financial Report Pages 89 to 119


    For over a year we have been told by reliable sources that Mayor Winnecke 2014 Campaign Financial report shall be extremely interesting.  Last week we receive a complete copy of the Mayors 2014 Financial Political Contribution report.

     Starting today we shall be posting links to the entire 149 page report concerning all the income and expenses pertaining to the Mayors 2014 political income and expense reports without editing.  
    Todays post is a link covering pages 89 to 119 of the Mayors 2014 political contribution report.  For rest of the week we shall be posting pages 46 to 149 in sections because the size of this report.  Once we have posted all 149 pages we guarantee that you shall be amazed to read how the Mayor spent his 2014 campaign contributions in an off year election.  You also shall be amazed to read how much his campaign received from outside Vanderburgh County. 
    Pease take time and read this report and comment according.


    1. “Vanderburgh County Democratic Vice Chair Connie Robinson endorsed Republican Lloyd Winnecke for Evansville mayor. Robinson supported Winnecke over Democratic candidate for Mayor Rick Davis. Republican Mayor Winnecke defeated Democrat Rick Davis 11,664 to 10,009 to become only the third Republican to serve at the head of city government since 1955.”

    2. Financial/”Laundry” list, I’m not sure which it is, or maybe it could be,–it’s both,–or maybe I am just confused and just a little “punch drunk” from all the Snegal smacks to the face the “ins” have orchestrated for Evansville’s Citizenry.

    3. Wow…guess the way you are awarded a very handsome copier contract (Alpha Imaging) is to give Winnecke $11,000…you would think that Alpha would have giving the money through many avenues..their employees, friends, family etc…but in Winnecke World they are so bold because in WW he is the self proclaimed messiah of Evansville…so just follow the yellow brick road….oh, by the way we also have Wayne’s World..only in Evanville!!!

    4. Did I see this right? “Bill them Ted” was listed earlier as a “In kind” donation by the way of the food tab.
      Today in the report In the “expense” list, Ted is getting reimbursed?

      • Not sure who you think it is, but it is the firm that manages “entertainment venues” for the City. You know, the firm that proudly keeps the Centre, Fraud Center, and Victory operating in the red.

        • That’s who I thought it was. That’s who I thought it was. I mean seriously? Would not that $41,000 not be our tax money?

          • No, it’s the company’s earnings. It ceases to be the taxpayers’ money when payment is made to the company for its services. SMG makes money on the contract, the taxpayers are the ones getting screwed.

            • Ahh, you’re right. I forgot that they were a private entity. Of course nothing a little SNEGAL about $41,000 drifting back to Winnecke.

      • Not sure who you think it is, but it is the firm that manages “entertainment venues” for the City. You know, the firm that proudly keeps the Centre, Fraud Center, and Victory operating in the red. Looks like they want to keep the contract.

      • enoch,

        you have it backwards. the $ 41,000 was paid to SMG; not received from SMG (the entry was in the expenditures section).

        Wow, The Centre financial statements look even worse if you screen this junk out.

    5. I have several questions about the sources of some of these contributions. They seem to be VERY connected with public money. When all the lists are printed, there will need to be some ‘splainin’ to do Lucy. I also see several places I will no longer support locally, not so much do to with what and to whom they contributed but how their contributions were handled and claimed.

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