Winnecke Releases Campaign Finance Report


Lloyd Winnecke

Winnecke Releases Campaign Finance Report

Lloyd Winnecke released his pre-election campaign finance report today showing he had raised $658,118.70 since beginning his campaign. Winnecke said that with well over 674 individual donors, he is pleased with the grassroot support.

“I remain extremely grateful for the outpouring of support my campaign has received from families in Evansville,” said Winnecke. “It’s not the total raised that’s gratifying to me, but the number of individuals who are willing to support our effort. It’s clear that residents are responding to our message of job creation and positive change.”

Other key highlights of the report:

Number of individual donors: 674
Number of donations from entities or political committees: 125
Percentage of total raised from individuals: 72.4%
Winnecke immediately put all of the final campaign finance report on his website at “It’s important that voters see where candidates draw their support and I call upon my opponent to also make his reports available for public inspection,” he said.

Winnecke is the first Evansville municipal candidate to make his campaign finance reports publicly available online.

The full report is available on the following link:

Winnecke Campaign Pre-Election-Report-Oct-14-2011

The top 10 donors in the report are as follows:

Ziemer, Ted C. Jr: $17,622.47
Helfert, John & Sue: $15,000.00
Olbank Pac: $13,000.00
Schroeder, John C.: $11,000.00
McCarthy, Burkley F & Sharon R: $11,000.00
Bootz, Genevieve E: $11,000.00
Hinton, Michael: $11,000.00
Jones, Steven: $10,600.00
Lochmueller, Keith: $10,500.00
Koch, Robert L II: $8,500.00


  1. Look at all the Vectren Executives on here that have donated to Mr. Winnecke. At least we know now where Winnecke stands with Vectren.

    • I do not see a single Vectren employee on that list of the top 10 donors. Why don’t you dig through the pages and post who the Vectren donors are instead of just posting a blanket statement?

      • Click on the link and go through it, you will see them there. Chapman, Doty, Benkert and others..

        • If you take the time to read both reports you will see that Vectren execs and the Vectren PAC donated to both candidates. No favoritism, just playing the game.

    • Rick Davis shows he received $500 from Vectren’s political action committee. I don’t see where Winnecke got a red cent from the Vectren PAC.

      • I seem to remember seeing an entry from the Vectren Employees PAC for the same $500 in the later pages of Winnecke’s report.

      • Your weak attempts to discredit Davis have grown stale. Winnecke’s report clearly list the Vectren Employees Federal PAC as a $500 donor. They donated on 08-31-11. They list a PO Box right here in Evansville. It’s on the third page of the PAC portion of his release. That would be 5,000 red cents. Don’t know how you missed those.

  2. Interesting… After a quick glance I saw several democrat names / Organizations on the list:

    Rebecca Kasha
    Frank McDonald II
    Kirk for Clerk

  3. I’d love to know the average contribution size for both candidates. My guess is that Winnecke’s will be much higher.

    Also, it bears mentioning that Ted Zeimer appears to be bankrolling Winnecke’s campaign to a large extent! Interesting.

    • Interesting list of contributors, lots of out of town money from as far away as New York, Axiom is the biggest benefactor of the Winnecke campaign with a whopping to date of well over $240k, of course the Kunkel boys are in there getting theirs at $24k, even the CCO made good from the banner ads $2450, and then the flow of money back to the IRSCC $49.5k is interesting…I’d love to see this broken down into a spread sheet if someone has nothing else to do. 😉


      • For the record the Winnecke for Mayor campaign pays $350 per month for their ad. Our ad prices for top banners for candidates this year was $2,100 for the entire campaign period after the primary. Prior to the primary the price was a flat $350 per month for candidates. All candidates are offered the same opportunity for the same price.

        • Wasn’t trying to put the CCO in defensive mode, you guys are here to cover your expenses and hopefully squeeze a buck or two out for upgrades someday.


          • We did not think you made us defensive. You gave us an opportunity to publish our political rate and to state that all politicians are treated equally. Yes we need to grow and we need to do some more upgrading. Boy it would be nice to have a monopoly.

          • Agreed….while we are on the subject (off topic) have you folks given any thought to a more robust site? something a little more secure for your users with more features? yeah it would require a login to post, but something a little better then the C&P uses with secure PM capabilities. Something to consider if you want to continue to grow, your web traffic shows the need to move away from the basic wordpress site to maybe a full blown site with a forum….phpbb is also free and offers a lot more configurations including integration with wordpress….might be worth a look depending on the direction you folks want to go.


    • Winnecke’s Report includes enough info to figure out that the average individual contribution is $706.94 and the average for each company or PAC is $1,453.12. We await the report from the Davis campaign.

    • Answering my own question: Jones’ firm is doing the Pigeon Creek Greenway project.

      • Inspecting parts of the Greenway Project. Didn’t design, no right of way, just inspection on part of the construction.

  4. Ted gave $17,622.47, Weitzel gave $2,000.00 and Marco gave $999.00. I wonder what the remaining 22 attorneys in the firm chipped in? I am assuming that these big firms have to strike some sort of balance.

  5. He’s paying his wife $900 for “Promotion and Goodwill”?

    Anybody know exactly what that is?

    • LOL…..I could comment, but better not, just use your imagination and consider who his wife is. 😉


    • No different than all the money Rick Davis shows comming into his campaign from immediate family, friends, and campaign staff on the contribution sheets, then all the money going out to the same family members, campaign staff, and friends on the expenditure sheets. Looks to me like people holding receptions and supporting their candidate by running errands and paying out of pocket, then turning in receipts and getting reimbursed. Make of it what you want, but both candidates seem to be taking pains to report every cent they take in or pay out.

      • The Winnecke campaign report looked proper in all respects to me. Frankly, zero surprises.

        • Yes, you are right! The rich white bankers and Vectren CEO will still own this city. It’s been that way since Frank McDonald II left as mayor! Open up your pocket books for the next tax increase for the rich man’s plan!!!! They always get what they pay for by buying it!

        • I’m looking for all that Mainstream Democrat money
          That seemed to be the big news several weeks ago.

  6. Rick’s support comes mainly from the commoners. Lloyd’s support comes mainly from the rich white supporters. Voters will just have to decide who they want the mayor to be beholden to. It’s just a decision and a vote.

    • Not true. The CCO has made no contribution to any campaign and charges them equally for ads. We praise or criticize the candidates based on what we believe is conducive to good public policy.

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