Winnecke Budget Requests Raises of over 3% for only 8 Employees


Link to salary and wage schedule from Winnecke budget.



  1. Would anyone happen to know what the average pay increase will be in the private sector for same time period? One of hospitals in the area is 2%. A 3% increase would be 50% higher.

    • I’m sure it depends entirely on what your profession is. No doubt some professions are enjoying extremely healthy pay increases, others not so much.

  2. Lloyd, like his predecessor also named Lloyd (last name) is a Romney wannabe!

  3. Old Winnecke’s going to do what wants no matter what-thanks CCO for telling us what the Courier won’t about these $$$ people are doing.
    Winnecke THINKS he’s going to get what he wants (extra tax $$ for his pals) by cramming consolidation down our throats.


    • Since you have brought up consolidation; I read on another page of this site several posters that support Eric Williams for Mayor.
      Wasn’t he against consolidation and now he supports it? It seems as though he is always pictured next to Winnecke.

      • he supports it because he’ll have to move to Evansville to run for mayor if it doesn’t pass

        • Oh I see, so it’s about his political ambitions and not about what’s best for the county that currently employs him. Voters tend to have short memories but I hope they remember this in a few years.

  4. Winnecke should use that money to repair the fire, police and street repair equipment that has been allowed to deteriorate. I saw the only city street sweeper picking up dirt and trash and spewing out a cloud of dust and paper in its wake.

    If I remember correctly, Weinzapfel gleefully awarded pay raises to city employees near the end of 2011 after he learned the tax revenue was higher than expected, probably due to the annexation of Knight Twp.. Others in the city haven’t had a raise in two or three years and are happy to just be holding onto their jobs, regardless of the pay. At the same time, their taxes are going up and up due to the overspending of the EVSC and others.

    Save yourselves from this madness.

    Vote NO in NOvember!

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