Winnecke Announces Roberts Task Force and Releases Team Member Names





  1. This list is loaded with citizens of the city which appear able to find a use for Roberts going forward, if there is one, as well as folks to look out for the area if Roberts is not saved. I hope our new Mayor continues appointing citizens in the middle of or equally on both sides of issues, so we receive true consensus when decisions must be made rather than punted. I hope the task force finds a use for Roberts; it would save so much over starting over as we always seem to do.

  2. congratulations Evansville for electing a Mayor who has the character to fulfill his campaign promise to give Roberts Stadium a fair chance for a new life. This group of people truly represent what is good about our community. They are thoughtful, experienced, passionate and diverse. This formula can only have a great result for Evansville, no matter which direction it takes……

    • Bgrafton,

      I believe his campaign position was that it should be torn down, not “a fair chance for a new life”. The position he took, tear it down, will surely color the work of the panel.

      • so I heard his stump Speach at least 38 times, he always said we would give Roberts a fair chance, and he always reminded us that to be realistic tearing it down may be the only option…. the media liked to highlight the “tear down” comment

        • Did he mention an Option C?

          He’s throwing a token bone to Jordan Baer and the Option B people by giving them a voice in the process, but he is going to do whatever gives him the most power and lines the most pockets, I’m afraid. His refusal to even acknowledge an Option C is evidence of this fact.

          I have yet to hear the words “sell it” come out of his mouth. In short, he is no conservative. He is continuing the same policies under a different banner.

  3. Option C is still the only one that makes economic sense… Sell it in an open auction and get the albatross off public books.

    The private sector will put it to its best, most economic use. The City will only use it to dish out public funds to cronies. That is the way of politics. Always has been, always will be.

  4. …so basically, Winnecke has already ruled out an Option C, even before the task force has had its first public meeting. By saying he intends to keep the “Roberts Stadium footprint” shows he has no commitment whatsoever to free market solutions. He’s only interested in government solutions.

    Too bad. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • Not true. Let the team make its pitch. There will never be a 15-0 agreement, but see what happens. Huge difference from the old regime. Mr. Winnecke is off to a great start. Well done.

      • No, he has already made up his mind to rule out at least one option, Option C, he said as much in his statement, and he has stacked the deck in favor of one of the other options, BOTH of which will cost this City more money.

        Like I said, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The little “R” after his name has changed nothing.

        Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding himself.

        • “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Absolute fact.
          That’s why the old boss supported this new boss all the way through campaign season.

          The yellow shirts tried to warn you. You didn’t listen. You’ll regret it, Evansville.

  5. As a native and media person, I see the bigger picture.. I think some of the comments from above are premature…. I find Lloyd, not of the same character as the old bosses and I think he is open enough to listen to ANY option on the table…. He could have taken the easy route and picked ‘the tear it down’ folks and have that.. He’s got four years to distance himself from that direction. Let’s see how the ‘crew’ decides and suggests…. On my take….. Could be the “World’s Largest Flea Market and Auction House”….. Or, let the water flowing under it make it a natural natitorium/world class swimming facility?…….Or maybe Joel Osteen can start a midwest version of his stadium Church in Houston???? Rodeo??? Or a refurbished convention hall? Just don’t say, Luxury Apartments and Condos…(Hee-Hee)…

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