Winnecke Announces Gang Reduction Task Force


Republican candidate for Mayor of Evansville Lloyd Winnecke today released his plan to form a task force to reduce gang activity in Evansville. Touting programs in Peoria, Illinois and Utica, New York has being particularly successful with armored vehicles rigged for monitoring Mr. Winnecke laid out his three point plan that is on the link below.



    • More proof of “Not A Clue” they will steal the tires off of it…..


      “This type of vehicle, which we
      will call “The Guardian,” would be reinforced
      with top-of-the-line armor and high tech
      surveillance equipment.”


      And yet again a “feel good” position paper from Mr Winnecke with not one mention of where the funding for “The Guardian” will come from. I’m starting to believe that Winnecke is just firing off position papers for topics as they come along with no fore thought about just “Who” will pay for his plan.

      Do you really want to send the message to the people of Evansville that crime is so ramped that heavy armored military vehicles are needed outfitted with the lasted hi-tech security features that can peer into your house through walls….really! That will make all the neighborhoods feel all warm and fuzzy.

      More Kool-Aid please…. 😉


    • Without a poll, think tank or ERC like task force, I came up with a radically new and no additional cost proposal. Park marked EPD patrol vehicles with officers inside at the problem areas. The EPD paddy wagon works also.

  1. The surveillance vehicle project had been in the works here for a couple of years already. The cost of the project has prevented it from being implimented.
    There is a gang task force in place now that has worked hard to address the problem. They have made numerous arrest in high profile cases. The longterm deployment of this task force will be affected by the ability of the department to pay for the additional manpower.
    The churches have already began their outreach program in the affected areas.
    The programs to reach out to jailed gang members is noble, but again, what will the cost be?
    The EPD has been invovled in a law Enforcement program for teens for years. They are exposed to many aspects of the job and how to be leaders in the community. The EPD put on a summer camp last July for middle school kids interested in Law Enforcement as well.
    While it’s nice that Winnecke did not start off by saying gang violence is a law enforcement issue like he did for meth, his plan is not original. He has critized Davis for his plans being redundant, but that is exactly what this is.

  2. That’s what he said during the last debate. He was talking about his recent EPD ride-along in the inner-city. He said he saw groups of young black men on a corner and he was intimidated.
    I guess if there is a rash of shoplifting next week, we should expect his plan to put security guards in the mall, tell kids it is not ok to steal, and give the police some more of those tools and training he keeps talking about. The way he talks, the police are untrained with no ability to address any issues in the city.

    • Your interpretation of what Lloyd Winnecke said in that one instance is skewed and misinformed. Why don’t you two alarmists ask the Reverend Adrian Brooks, Sr. and other real leaders in the inner city how they view Lloyd Winnecke, his involvement with and commitment to resolving issues pertinent to the inner city and near inner city neighborhoods. I think you’ll find that Winnecke cares for and is committed to the downtown and near downtown neighborhoods just as deeply as he is to all neighborhoods and residents of Vanderburgh County. And with him it’s more than just loose talk and campaign slogans.

      • Clovis….after this position paper on gangs, some people are saying that Mr Winnecke made a deal to buy EPD a new toy for their endorsement…mind you it’s just a rumor I heard tonight, you know how people like to talk….any truth?

      • Strange times we are living in….when the minority community leaders in Evansville are siding with a white, republican, stuffed shirt banker? I have the utmost respect for Rev Brooks but honestly I just don’t get it.


        • I think people are rising above partisan politics to do what they think will be best for our community as a whole. At least that’s what I am doing, and I see the same thing in others. Winnecke has a record of working across party lines and social divisions to advance Evansville rather than to advance himself. I don’t see that same quality in Rick Davis. And I know both men as well as I know anyone in local politics.

          • Yeah, he worked across party lines in an attempt to take away our Homestead Exemptions. That’s not the kind of partisanship I’m looking for.

          • Wiunnecke has “worked across party lines” because he is in bed with the Mark Owen machine Democrats.

            That’s not the kind of bipartisanship we need.

          • Fair enough. You disagree. But all humans make mistakes. Winnecke has acknowledged his mistake. It was a biggie. Everyone realizes that. Big political mistake.

            Winnecke is not likely to stumble like that again. It usually takes only one biggie like that for a smart person to learn his lesson, hard a lesson as it may be. And Winnecke is an intelligent man.

            Aren’t you big enough to forgive and move on? Or would you rather have a far less experienced and much more combative politician as mayor? Would you rather have a proven administrator who has worked together with elected officials of both parties to balance budgets, build bridges, complete multi-million dollar road projects, manage multi-faceted departments? Or would you rather have a wet behind the ears fellow who basically is a political pied piper who engages in one vindictive action after another, and whose claim to official fame is printing a newly formatted tax bill and placing a drop box for them outside the Civic Center?

          • Clovis…I would rather have none of the above as a option when voting for mayor this year but that won’t happen. My biggest issue with Mr Winnecke is my gut tells me he is not what he is portraying himself as, every time I listen to my gut I do just fine, but when I don’t things never workout as planned. I’m old enough to know not to listen to buzz but trust my gut.

            As I said above I do hope you are right..I just know that folks that went to school to learn how to market items are very slick at telling people what they want to hear if they know what you want or can make you believe that you want what they are selling.

            Ahhhh see now my gut hurts again just thinking about it.


          • I think you are correct in Winnecke being able to work with all sides to better Evansville….the gang idea is wonderful….our police are the best in the State.

    • JTTGB, Mr. Winnecke’s plan has the police “mediating” cease fire agreements with gang members. I am not making this up, although it does sound like something the Junior League would come up with.

  3. More typical trash talk from JustTrying, who apparently hasn’t been to hear Mr. Winnecke speak besides on a television. Probably will correct my grammar as well for lack of life-activities.

    The Guardian may have to wait with such high unemployment. The truth is we need more EPD officers out and about on not just the southside but everywhere. Why is it that today, I was going 35mph on Boeke towards Morgan and I felt like I was on the Lloyd Expressway.

    Back on-topic; gang-related activity is something fueled by fear. People fear public safety and security can’t protect them, so they turn inwards to their own. I think the media and these campaigns are playing up too much on “gang violence”. Let the EPD/VCSD do their jobs and we will be safe (as long as they are still getting paid that is).

    • Rick and his volunteers are durrently campaigning door to door in that very area, with absolutley no problems

  4. Is it true that LW went out ONE morning with the EPD, “sees three gangs”, and immediately proposes the purchase of a freakin’ tank ? I think Davis is right, ” out of touch” is fitting. Also, lets talk ” ready, fire, aim” from a planning and policy perspective ? As alert poster Ike Turner above noted, once LW is in office we’ll be buying those highly effective predator drones.
    Which parts of the story have I gotten wrong ? This is truly ” THE SILLY SEASON”. Out of all the stupidity in all of the election races, this is by far the most laughable !

  5. Winnecke,—would make a good dip-stick for his “urban tank”!
    Good Grief Charlie Brown, what a moronic Grandstand.

  6. It’s funny how everything Winnecke proposes in regards to the fight against gangs, the EPD ALREADY does. There isn’t enough money in the City budget to sit an armored vehicle on a corner to “catch” the gangs in action. He down grades Davis on a last resort of raising taxes for public saftey yet, he wants to dump money in a armored vehichle that isn’t going to do anything but sit there? Get real. There isn’t enough manpower on the EPD to “assist” the vehicle.

    • Yeah my thoughts also, a couple thugs with paintball guns could probably put it in a state that it would loose it’s cameras, thermal imaging would probably still kinda’ function, but it won’t take the thugs too long to figure out a way to disable it, thugs are resourceful and I doubt the fear of a unmanned vehicle would have that big of a effect, unless it could defend itself?

      Then we’re not even talking about the man power to monitor it 24-7 from a remote location (central dispatch), just seems like a feel good opportunity that once purchased would find its way into a lot of situations that the public wouldn’t have a taste for, or would windup sitting at EPD or the city/county lot from lack of use.

      Either way would seem to me a waste of tax payers dollars.

      Take a look at this site…

      Add the state that you want to search and you’ll see that gang violence is a epidemic, much larger communities than Evansville are fighting this battle with very little success regardless of the resources/tools used.


  7. For much less cost I could provide the city a 1996 Chrysler with me in it.
    I would install in my “Enhanced Gang Activity Dispersal Sweeper” these armaments:
    Thousands of Job Applications

    Child Support Forms

    Paternity Testing Information

    Outstanding Warrant Lists

    Just to name a few. For just a fraction of the cost of this tank I could be cruising in my “EGADS” , chasing away gang-bangers, and making the city safe again.

    • I’m guessing that Mr. Winnecke would rather command the armored high-tech X-ray vision “Guardian” instead of your Chrysler Cordoba. But, thanks for the offer and EGADS plan. It made more sense than any other plan so far.

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