Willard Library Annual Appeal

Willard Library
     Willard Library Needs You!
 As the oldest public library in the State of Indiana and one of the oldest libraries in the Midwest, Willard Library is unique among cultural icons in the City of Evansville—everything from its historic architecture, the rare and expansive local history archives, to the unique programs for children and adults.
 On February 7, 2015, Willard Library, one of Evansville’s premiere cultural destinations, opened its first ever building expansion since its opening in 1885.  Two key components of this expansion included a much needed Gallery and a way to better connect the historic structure to the 3.5 acre Willard Park. The Browning Gallery now serves as an indoor venue for library events and the Park’s role as an outdoor entertainment space has been elevated.
In 2017, the Browning Gallery in Willard Library and Willard Park were host to 621 library events and served a record setting 20,000 visitors! These popular events featured local people and performers as well as nationally recognized authors, artists and experts.  Visiting Willard Library is a central piece of most visitors’ package when touring Evansville. You can be a part of this success with your gift to Willard.
 By making your tax-deductible contribution today, you can become part of Willard Library history while reducing your potential capital gains tax liability.  Your gift and the gifts of other donors like you will help to launch programs with nationally recognized speakers showcased in the Gallery and theatrical and celebratory events in the rejuvenated Willard Library Park.
 Please make your gift to the Willard Library Foundation by visiting our secure website at: https://www.willard.lib.in.us/support_the_library/give_online.php
With sincere thanks,                                                                                                      
Ward Peyronnin, President                                                                                              Willard Library Foundation