Why is Voter Turnout So Low: 10 Typical Excuses


Evansville Primaries Seeing Very Low Turnout

As all of the information that the CCO has been gathering today indicate that the turnout in today’s primaries are very light. Early it could have been the weather but that problem seems to have gone away. We did some checking on what causes people to neglect to vote and the following helpful list was the best we could find.

1. Ignorance of the issues or the candidates
2. Dislike for all of the candidates.
3. Having polls tell you already that your chosen candidate cannot win
4. Election fatigue
5. Apathy toward the system
6. Misunderstandings of how the system works
7. A feeling that one vote won’t be able to affect a change.
8. Any excuses for those people that just want an excuse not to be bothered to vote (cannot get time off work, traffic, bad weather, no transportation, etc).
9. Don’t know where one’s polling place is.
10. Registration misunderstandings and delays.

Another search with respect to who benefits in primaries basically yielded only one result. That result was that agents of change or those who are highly committed to a cause benefit from limited turnout. There is still an hour to go and we encourage all who have not yet voted to get busy and do so.


  1. 1) Nothing but negativity by “reform” candidates turns voters off.
    2) Obvious intent to tear down existing party unity and a working party structure turns away party loyalists.
    3) The threat by thuggish operatives. Example: that they “will be at every polling place in the 2nd Ward, and you better not show up to vote for (so-and-so).
    4) The destruction, removal, or postponement of specific fund raising resources used to support get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts, especially at the precinct level.
    5) General shenanegans and turn-offs by various candidates and operatives that have driven off long-time party workers, volunteers, precinct captains, ward leaders, and others who historically have worked every election to GOTV.

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