MAY 6, 2024

It’s rare for a political candidate to impress me enough for me to make an endorsement. Cheryl Musgrave is that rare candidate.

I’ve known Cheryl for many years, and she has been consistent in her beliefs and work ethic. She is practical, pragmatic, and straight to the point. But, most of all, Cheryl Musgrave is an innovator. 

In 20 years of serving our county, Cheryl has found new ways to do things. As county assessor, Cheryl used the internet for mapping and property information before many people had computers. Her efficiency in that position drew the attention of then-governor Mitch Daniels, who put her to work at the state level. 

As Vanderburgh County Commissioner, she was persistent about making high-speed internet available to anyone in the county. AT&T partnered with Musgrave and the county to lay fiber optic cables throughout Vanderburgh County.

Cheryl has a passion for historic buildings, having lived in one herself. She is currently spearheading renovations at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and has a vision for seeing the 100-year-old building host concerts, weddings, and other events.

Cheryl fought against rate increases from Centerpoint Energy. 

Cheryl is also a supporter of the local business community. Her campaign finance reports show she has spent 99% of the campaign’s money locally. On the other hand, her opponent has spent 70% of her campaign funds out of state.

A lot of money has been spent trying to convince you that Cheryl Musgrave is against business. The mailers say that Musgrave wants to raise taxes on businesses and stands in the way of progress. These claims are assumptions from newspaper reports that are out of context. The Courier and Press has published two recent stories that debunk every claim made in those slick direct mail attacks.

Musgrave has a long history of voting Republican, while Canterbury had to get a waiver to run because she has voted Democrat. Musgrave has an A grade from Right to Life; her opponent has a B but claims to be “Pro-Life.” Canterbury has hijacked the word “conservative” to try to get your vote. The true conservative Republican is Cheryl Musgrave.

Make your voice heard and go to the polls. Vote for Vanderburgh County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave on May 7, 2024, in the Republican primary.

Footnote:  Mr. Kincaid is a regular contributor to the City-County Observer and isn’t a paid employee of the City-County Observer.

We posted Mr. Kincaid’s letter of endorsement without bias, opinion, or editing.



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