FOOTNOTE:  Evansville-Vanderburgh County could be the “TRUMP CARD” in helping Mr. Trump to win Indiana.

Donald Trump’s  rally starts at noon today at Old National Events Plaza will place Evansville in the national political spotlight.

The doors will open at 9 a.m.  Those interested in attending this event can obtain free tickets at his website, donaldjtrump.com.  Mr. Trump will speak in Aiken Theatre beginning at non.   Overflow crowd space will be available in the events plaza’s exhibit hall.



  1. Does anyone know where I can get a “Hillary for Prison” T-shirt like the guy was wearing behind Trump at yesterdays Indy rally?

  2. If you look at the platforms, the economic platforms of Donald Trump, the promises he is making the people at his rallies….They don’t simply defy logic. They aren’t tied to any known economic theories. They are fantasy.
    He might as well be saying, “You are unhappy? You are tired of losing? You have cancer? Send in your money to God, and it will be cured. You are in debt and have no money? Send in your money, send what you have. God can make you wealthy. Support this ministry. They are all against you, but God believes in you. Send in your money. You will be rich. Send it. It will all be better.”

    • So we have someone who has changed the New York skyline, made others wealthy along the way, and created jobs at many levels, but he knows nothing about economics? Do you somehow think no other candidate has made these promises? The difference is that like Teddy Roosevelt, and unlike any other dog in the fight, Trump has actually accomplished something.

      • I-E:
        1. Understanding macroeconomic policy and being a real estate developer (featuring golf and gambling hospitality) are two different things. And you know…..Trump business strategy is high risk/high reward. Do you want that in the President?
        2. Trump’s total lack of depth when he makes these wild shallow promises about jobs, Mexico, trade retaliation and fiscal policy (which no President controls) shows #1 is totally true.
        3. Trump has no governing experience. You know, KNOW, at a higher rate, exponentially in fact, than any other politician in history, he will say that as President he will do ANYTHING he thinks his angry followers want to hear. He’s exploiting them. Sorry I-E, you know this is true.

        • Sorry DB, but are you going to tell me being a professional politician or runniing up our national debt makes others more more qualified or less risky? So maybe you need less telling me what I know and more thinking out of the box.

  3. The locals being interviewed on MSNBC while they wait in line to see the Buffoon and the Chair Thrower are such an embarrassment. I wonder if Kasich supporter Wayne Parke will get on TV.

    • Yes, his “poorly educated” minions are quite stupid. If you ask them to name one specific Trump policy other than building a wall, you’d get very very few coherent responses.

    • I’m not a Trump or Cruz or Hillary or Bernie supporter. But do you think a crowd as big as today’s would show up locally for the Liar or the Socialist Dreamer? Look how small the crowd was that showed up for the Liar’s husband. And Bern tbe Socialist?; he knows that hard working people with real jobs won’t take off work to support his line of corrupt B.S. so he has to pander to “needs” of millenial students at their college campus.

      • True on Bernie. Yesterday my daughter said when Trump appeared my Granddaughter and a step child booed him. After asking while it appears their teachers are using class time to promote their political views. Wonder where these Hillary and Bernie supporters are created?

  4. What a hell of a crowd descended on the Auditorium on Locust Street today. There were blocks long lines in every direction trying to get in the place. It was unbelievable the number of people who showed up.

    I do not remember seeing any local TV station trucks set up outside the building, so I am not sure how the local media will present what took place today, but I can tell you for sure that Trump WILL win the Indiana primary race by a huge margin. No doubt about it folks.

  5. They really should have held it at a much larger venue so everyone who wanted to could have gotten in and seated comfortably. Unfortunately, Evansville does not have such a place.

    • It is obvious why they held it where they did, and I am shocked nobody has mentioned it yet

      They picked a place where it would appear that the crowd was YOOOGE!

      Drumpf could not take a chance of using the Ford Center and there be a large number of vacant seats. While his ego would have filled the Ford Center, this late into the race to the primary next Tuesday in Indiana he would not want the public to see empty seats

      • I was there and can tell you the crowd would easily have filled the Fraud Center. At 12:00PM when he was supposed to have started, there were still two lines. One went to the north along 9th Street, all the way to Sycamore, and the other wrapped around the building on the MLK side and continued east down Chestnut Street to the end of the building. At that time, the main theater had been full for quite some time and the overflow room, with no seating was about half full. With as many people outside as they had inside, there was no way the overflow room was able to handle even a fraction of the people still waiting to get in.

        • I was there to but a fat bitch 2 rows in front of me passed gas and I had to get the Hell out of Dodge.

          The reason I knew it was her is she had a shirt on that said “Crowd Control.”

          What I went for was to see if he recommended more countries acquire nuclear weapons other than South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia that he has already stated they must have because I believe, (like The Donald does,) that the only way to stop a bad country with a nuclear weapon, is a good country with a nuclear weapon and the more good countries with nuclear weapons, well, the more the merrier.

          And safer.

          Did he mention anything about that Press?….

          • I see to remember a skinny communist in the White House who just cut some deals with Iran, the #1 exporter of terrorism in the world, over nuclear expansion.

            And then there is the Clinton administrations deal with the communist Chinese, at the behest of Clinton’s friend at Loral, one of thos big bad military industrial complex companies, who BTW gave Clinton’s campaign over a million and a half dollars:


            There is more than just a little odor coming from your post.

          • Anyone not intelligent enough to realize taking a nation within 3 months of developing a nuclear weapon and making it 15 years that even its’ critics claim is correct, just isn’t worth me wasting my time with. That is the sole reason you are a Trump supporter.

            But here is some food for thought on your other dodge and twist;

            White House delivers papers to Congress in support of the deal

            “The White House backed up that claim by releasing about 400 pages of declassified documents claiming the presidential waiver was consistent with U.S. policy and had been recommended by the president’s national security adviser, the State Department and the Pentagon.

            But Loral says the Chinese never got their hands on the satellite itself. And Pentagon officials confirm sensitive technology was encased in a metal “black box” and watched over from factory to launch pad by Department of Defense employees.

            There has been bipartisan support for such launches. President Ronald Reagan first initiated the policy 10 years ago. And President George Bush approved nine while Clinton has approved 11, according to the Congressional Research Service.”

            I had a guy at my house last weekend say, “I’m voting for Trump because I’ve had it with transgenders and n_____s. He just had a newborn daughter and nuclear weapons never crossed his mind, only transgenders and n_____s.

            Something I just read this morning, “U.S. jobless claims hit 42-year low.”

            I look for that to zoom right over my friends head when he reads it also because the t’s and n’s Trump sanity….

          • Giving the ChiComs the technology for a missile guidance system that would increase the range of their nuclear missiles is stupidity of the highest order. Who knows what his idiot wife would do if she had the power?

            Even in the best case scenario, what Bill Clinton has done was to give the Chinese a leg up on a market that our own American inventors and businessmen are now competing in. So not only did we lose some of our national security in the deal, it came back to bite us in the ass from an economic standpoint also.

          • BTW, the current U6 jobless rate of 9.9% is totally unacceptable! Communists and socialists are not very good at creating jobs. Capitalists, on the other hand, are good at creating jobs. Besides, this socialist nirvana that Obama, Hillary, and Sanders worship will implode when they run out of other people’s money to spend. Give the capitalist a crack at it. He damn sure can not do any worse than the Obama administration.

          • Herbert Hoover was a Capitalist. Matter-of-fact, he believed the Donald Trump’s of this world back then could solve everything but obviously they couldn’t. Franklin D Roosevelt, not as much of a Capitalist.

            Dubya and Cheney, businessmen and so Capitalistic they were willing to kill for it. Obama, not so much.

            The Capitalist Bloomberg I could stand. But only because he would not be running on total lies and fear.

            Nothing at all wrong with Capitalism, matter-of-fact it’s a proven winner.

            When regulated properly….

          • If you really have an interest in the facts, as opposed to someone’s grandparents “feelings” about what happened in 1929-36, you might want to click on this link:


            You will see how not heeding the lessons history teaches us we keep repeating the same destructive scenarios. Good economic times always seem to breed some of the same destructive behaviors that took place in the past. There is a place in this society for conservatism, and when it is needed- and followed- everyone is better off.

          • Super educational article.

            The part about his restricting immigration by Executive Order being bad for the economy compared to what the argument is today was interesting and I know the article left out his trust in the big moneyed interests doing what was right like Greenspan did failed then like it did more recently but the entire article was certainly worth reading.

            Peace brother….

        • That wouldn’t have been a terribly big deal. Barack Obama filled Robert’s stadium, which was a bigger venue than the Ford Center, in 2008. They were going to use the Ford Center, but decided to go to a smaller venue in order to ensure an overflow crowd.

          • So, that’s the real reason Weinzapfel rushed to have Roberts Stadium demolished? It was cheaper to tear it down than to have it santized to remove all of the B.S.?

      • The word I heard was Venue Works priced themselves out of the picture. Supposedly they thought they were the only game in town for this event so they decided to play hardball on pricing and Trump’s people said “no way”.

      • You didn’t see Weinzapfel out there directing traffic to all of those abundant parking spaces?
        Parking eas so sufficient that a Secret Service agent even got a parking ticket. Do you think Lloyd Winnecke will get that ticket fixed? Alberta Matlock would be after tbe Secret Service to pay that ticket like stink on sh*t.

    • The Aiken Theater seats 2500. They gave out 9000 tickets. 12,000 people showed up to get inside (police and media estimates). 2500 + 3500 in the overflow exhibition hall = 6000. That left 6000 unhappy people. Ok, 5800 unhappy people and 200 anti-Trump protestors.

  6. Washington’s Farewell Address

    “……The remainder of the Address, delivered at CONGRESS HALL in Philadelphia, examined what Washington saw as the two major threats to the nation, one domestic and the other foreign, which in the mid-1790s increasingly seemed likely to combine. First, Washington warned of “the baneful effects of the SPIRIT OF PARTY.” To Washington POLITICAL PARTIES were a deep threat to the health of the nation for they allowed “a small but artful and enterprising minority” to “put in the place of the delegated will of the Nation, the will of a party.”

    • Thought you might enjoy some of the tweets by the employees of our local yellow rag about today’s Trump Rally.

      • I thought journalists were supposed to be neutral? Editorials can be opinionated but journalists reporting on an event are,supposed to remain neutral. Obviously the C&P’s crack writing staff were absent from class that day….

  7. RE: Trump rally today. I was actually hoping some illiterate millenial Hillary/Bernie supporter would sucker punch an elderly Trump supporter and in turn get pepper sprayed tbereby initiating the battle of Locust Street. O e round would get them all…


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