Mayor Responds to Friend’s IT Inquiry


Jonathon Weinzapfel
This 8-page response was published without edit or bias.
Click here to download Mayor Weinzapfel’s response to John Friend.

A link to John Friend’s original inquiry:


  1. I have to ask…..who wrote this for the mayor? If Johnny wrote this and has this kind of IT knowledge he is wasting his time being mayor, he could make much more in the private sector as a IT consultant.


    • Yeah, it definitely wasn’t written by Johnny. It was well written though, and if all of the figures were true, our IT department is in pretty good shape.

      My favorite part was the 2nd paragraph:
      Regarding Cisco vs. Juniper (I assume that is what you meant by “Junnifer”)
      hahaha 🙂

      • Yeah I’d be willing to bet that the mayor doesn’t know the difference between Juniper and Jupiter but would never let a opportunity pass that he could get a dig in on someone and make them look the fool.

  2. It’s called delegation, blanger. It’s not rocket science, and you don’t need an MBA to grasp the concept.

  3. If Jonathan Weinzapfel wrote this letter then Forrest Gump wrote the Declaration of Independence. This guy couldn’t have written this letter for a million dollars cash.

    Arvay wrote it for Weinzapfel and that little weasel signed it and Cc’d Arvay on it. What a joke. Evansville has a Mayor that is technically illiterate and a budget chairman that thinks Junnifer is an IT company.

    Shall we advertise that with the fact that we are 368 out of 370 when it comes to bandwidth nationwide.

  4. Both Mr. Friend and Mayor Weinzapfel are unfortunately ignorant to the entire idea behind a streamlined IT company.

    Allow me to just remind everyone as well, that these county IT people are telling County Clerk Susan Kirk that they need $600 laptops for the new voting centers. They are nothing but stripped down HP’s that only cost $300, according to Matt from IT. If we actually only paid the $300, then we would totally pay off the initial investment from implementing vote centers.

    • What happened to the state QPA theory. Under the quantity purchase agreement with the state, the county should be able to get “stripped down” HP laptops $300, right, otherwise what good are the state QPAs?

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