Weiner to Toss in the Towel


Congressman Anthony Weiner (D) New York

Insiders Say Congressman Weiner to Give up Fight to Keep His Job

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) will resign from office, according to a House leadership aide on Thursday.

The leadership aide said Weiner’s resignation would likely come on Thursday.

Weiner told close friends on Thursday that he planned to resign from Congress, according to several media reports. The decision comes after pressure from Republicans and his own party, including most of the House Democratic leadership.




  1. It would appear that Bill Clinton’s moral relativism trumps Anthony Weiner’s, if remaining in office is the ultimate goal.

    I love the way the current media types, right and left, have avoided any mention of Bill Clinton. It is as if no one remembers that the President of The United States was getting oral sex from an intern in the Oval Office.

    What a morally bankrupt bunch of losers. The Smithsonian will have to open a new museum just to document all the scandals ……..no wait: In the interest of saving taxpayer dollars, just add a wing on to The National Zoo!

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