Wayne Parke Releases Poll Taken by the Winnecke Campaign

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke
Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke



    • Wayne’s poll is self-serving poppycock. They rigged a poll with crony data and paid for it from campaign funds that Winnecke has. This poll has less credibility that these play polls that the CCO puts up.

      • To “former rep”: You are full of crap. This poll/survey was done by a professional pollster. Obviously you do not like the results so you try to discredit the poll.

        By the way with silly comments like this, I am glad you are a “former rep”.

    • If I didn’t have a better command of the English language than you do, I would keep my mouth shut.

      You’re is proper contraction for you are.

  1. I have no idea whether this poll is correct or not, but I do believe Winnecke is more popular in the city than most people think.

    Remember, many of the people on this blog (and the C&P) who are very anti-Winnecke do not live in the city limits.

    • The only reason he is popular is the dumb a?? things he has done.
      The 300 people surveyed were probably all republicans. I know that I was not surveyed.

      • Wrong. Winnecke is not popular among Republicans I know. He is popular among the union Democrats, good old boys and their bootlickers. That’s about it from my unscientific survey.

        • To Brad Linzy: You say “not popular among Republicans I know”. Then you do not know very many Republicans.

          AS the poll states and what I observed in public, Republicans and Independents like Mayor Winnecke despite your attempt to unfairly smear him.

          Your are correct that many union Democrats have given up on the Democrat political officeholder leadership (like John Friend and his fellow city council members) and aligning up with Mayor Winnecke.

          Brad you have failed on trying to downgrade to the public Winnecke’s accomplishments. The public likes what they see in our Mayor. The majority of the Evansville citizens are proud to call him their Mayor.

          • If this poll had any semblance of truth in it, which I strongly suspect it doesn’t, I’d be forced to conclude Evansvillians were far more foolish than I ever thought possible.

            Release the questions and the manner in which the poll was conducted. You only released the “conclusions” page.

      • To Bob: With statements like this,it shows you know nothing about how a professional pollster works.

        • I know how they work. You are the client. You order the poll you need, the one you will use to push an unpopular agenda. You need to create the illusion a dog park at Roberts is popular and that Mayor Winnecke is popular to instill fear in rivals. This company was happy to oblige. It is a transaction for monetary gain on one end and political gain on the other.

          I’m not impressed. Neither am I impressed you failed to release the poll questions in full.

          • To Brad Linzy: No you do not know how they work. Like you do on many things, if you do not like the results, you attempt to smear everything and everyone that does not agree with you.

            A real man would say—“Sorry Wayne, I am wrong about the Mayor’s approval rating.”

          • A real chairman would have a poll from an independent firm who doesn’t brag about getting Republicans elected.

        • Why only survey 300 when there is 120,000 in the city. We will see at election time when he is defeated how popular he is. Wayne what exactly has he done for the city and not for his self or his buddies. The hotel is a joke, meth is still a problem, and tear down Roberts when it could have been sold and made money even if it was sold cheap could have been put back on the books for taxes.

      • I lean Republican. I believe I was one of those who were surveyed. If so, it was definitely a push poll. My answers would not have excited Wayne Parke or Lloyd Winnecke.

    • agree but that is not saying much…………..a dog would have been a upgrade………………

  2. I remember this organization from my time in DC. They are an organization that works to get Republicans elected not provide unbiased polls. If you don’t believe me Google their name.

    I can’t believe wayne is even trying this.

    • To Rails&RobertsStadium: Your time in DC???? Give us a break. Were you Senator Rails&RobertsStadium?

      The results are true and accurate whether you like them or not.

      One lesson you need to learn is when to accept things that are factual. Wrong or right–Roberts Stadium was tore down and it is not coming back. Mayor Winnecke is more popular now than he ever has been.

      • Haha. Your response reeks of desperation and anger that you thought you would sneak this past us. FYI I worked for Morton Blackwell the guy who trained rove pence, and the senator from ky among many others. There’s not one Conservative or Republican in DC that doesn’t know his name.

        Speaking of facts are you going to tell me this is an independent firm and not one that brags on its own website about getting Republicans elected? And speaking of Roberts you still need to prove page 13 andgive me ur civil engineer treport.

        Until you do so I think ur the one who needs to accept facts.

    • Steve Smith: Your comment clearly shows you know very little about poll/surveys.

      The purpose of a survey is to gain intelligence about what voters are thinking on a particular subject. One does not know what the results of the poll are going to be before it is done. If you are paying for the poll, you do not want the data gathered to help the opposing party. This Company does polling for Republicans,and NBC News and Wall Street Journal.

      • Exactly. You’re telling me this poll isn’t biased? How much money did u guys pay for this thing I debunked in five minutes?

  3. What a bad, bad, joke. I am not sure if Wayne is playing it on the CCO readers, or if the pollsters played it on Wayne. It is an insult to the intelligence of the people who paid for it.

    • Take the poll with some sidewalk story board signs,see how that works out for’em.

      A “sign pole”,as well.

    • The “Friends of Winnecke” campaign fund paid for it. They got just what they paid for. Wayne is just the delivery boy.

      • Yoda: I am Chairman of the Republican Party. I am pleased that Winnecke is on the Republican team. It is very clear the voters of Evansville like what the Mayor is doing. The poll is good news, unless you are a Democrat who does not like making our City the best it can be. Regardless of Party,most people want the best for our City.

        • Again 300 people don’t make up the city Wayne so you poll is just like the mayor a big fat joke.

          • Actually 300 people is a huge sample for a city the size of Evansville.

            The major independent pollers use a sample size of only 300-1000 people for national data and most firms get accurate results.

            They major question is whether or not the questions were biased or the sample was not representtive e.g. most of the respondents were from the First Ward.

          • Bob….Have you ever read the book “Politics for Dummies?” There is one chapter titled
            Understanding the Role of Polls in Politics…maybe you along with the other haters on this website should take the time to read it 🙂

    • elkaybee: This poll accurately states what voters are thinking in Evansville. It just to bad you do not like the results.

    • LKB, Wayne and Winnecke are the kind republicans the TPers don’t care for. Now doesn’t that make you like the TP people just a little better? 🙂

      I think Wayne’s poll was conducted at the Winnecke family reunion, but it doesn’t matter much. With the GOB network ruling Evansville we get the same guy with our choice of a blue tie or red tie. Maybe I should get me one of those hills in Belize.

      • IE, Schaeez…After following this stuff there for a while it seems those red and blue “ties” need a few more new ” suits” to find a good balance for your areas perceived fashion statement,as well.

        “when you are out to describe the truth leave, elegance to the tailor.” (Albert Einstein)

        waynes poll–> “quasi vituperation”

  4. I could deliver you a poll that said Adolph Hitler was viewed sympathetically by 60% of the Evansville public if that’s what I’d been ordered to deliver.

    Pretty easy to fiddle with and twist poll questions.

    • Mr Linzy I call a foul on that comparison. You could have picked a different person than Adolph Hitler. Hitler was a horrible person and his name should not be used to compare to anyone
      To also say that the Evansville Public would be sympathetic to Hitler is a slap to everyone.

      • Wayne,

        You miss my point…on purpose. your multiple username tactic is transparent as kitchen cling film. My point was Hitler is the most obviously odious man in recent history and yet if asked, I could probably devise a poll whose questions could be constructed in such a manner as to make it APPEAR that Evansville supported his sick, fascist ideology.

  5. Wayne, this polling firm is not credible and neither are you, but we knew that beforehand.

    • Steve Smith: The Company has been in business for several years and list 19 American Senators and over 50 Congressmen as clients. It is very creditable firm.

        • Rails&RobertsStadium: Every Professional organization type business has clients–if they did not– they could not exist.It appears you are a ball lost in tall weeds.

          • And their client list is 100% republican as R&R said.

            Therefore this public opinion firm is not independent and objective and any poll or results they publish would have to be taken with a great deal of skepticism.

            Perhaps the Mayor has good polling numbers. If so congrats

            However, if these numbers are skewed or biased then you’re only lying to yourself or pushing an agenda, as others have suggested.

          • Others get it from Trusts, Foundations, and various companies who study their own business objectively not politically.

            Here’s all you need to know Parke. From the Public Opinion Strategies website themselves…


            “About half of our research is dedicated to winning elections”

          • “And their client list is 100% republican as R&R said.”

            Not true. They’ve worked for “liberal” orgs too. More on this later.

    • Rails&RobertsStadium: Just because you do not like the results does not change the results. The poll is true and accurate. Winnecke is very well like by the voters for what he and his team has accomplished.

      • Wayne Jesus Christ never had this kind of poll numbers. Why do you think Winnecke should have them?

      • What has he accomplished? I know giving money away he is good at that, other than that nothing.

  6. Maybe since Mayor Winnecke has such great poll numbers he could contact other Republican who are our representatives and senators and remind them that he as well as many others in the city and county support gay rights and that they should accurately vote no on the “marriage” amendment. After all it is a matter of human rights, saving of state money to hold this proposed vote in November, it messes with separation with church and state, and it makes Indiana look more behind the times than it already is. If our mayor is so powerful, then let him use that power to get the state folks off this sidetrack and on to real pressing issues that will help people and the economics of our state.

  7. Wayne you wouldn’t have to mention or release a popularity poll if it was really 60+ %. You do this only to try and persuade the negative perception and decking popularity of Weinzapfel part deaux.
    I bet according to this poll 70% think EarthScam handout was wise too. 60% thought it was appropriate to have secret meeting to steal homestead exemption.

  8. While I did not get polled THIS time, I have been polled several times before. Generally I’m asked “do you consider yourself a Democrat, Republican or Independent.” And I tell them my choice. Or, they don’t even ask me that question because – I’m willing to bet – they already know my voting history.

    So my question now is: Mr. Parke, of the 300 people who took part in this poll, how many of them either call themselves Republicans or have a Republican voting history (same goes for Democrats and Independents)? And, of the folks who say they approve of Winnecke’s performance, how many of them are Republicans and how many are Democrats or Independents?

    I don’t know you – but I feel this is a fair question to ask – especially since you have released this poll and want me to believe it. Please tell me the demographics of those who were polled. How many were female or male? What age group was most represented? If he’s popular with 19 year olds – who typically don’t vote – then this poll is not worthy, especially if Winnecke is unpopular with 50+ folks.

    Thank you.

  9. Next city election will settle this political nonsense!

    Still appreciating all those “county voters” who kept “83%” of the land mass of Vanderburgh county
    out of harms way!

  10. I remember an economics professor in college who told us that the questions asked and the location asked could help determine the validity of a poll.

    He used the example of surveying what the average height of college students was. He said that if you measured the height of students leaving the gym at the end of basketball practice, you could conclude that they averaged 6’7″.

    This technique could be considered as being similar to push poll.

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