LETTER TO EDITOR: Want a “Good Republican?”  Vote Libertarian.


LETTER TO EDITOR: Want a “Good Republican?”  Vote Libertarian.

by Andrew Horning

June 4, 2042

Everyone has at one point said, “Follow the money.”  But who does that?  We sure don’t vote like we follow the money.  And the media sure haven’t been any help following the threads of PACS and “bundlers” to the donor class of military, monetary, industrial and foreign nationals who invest heavily in our politicians.

As a Libertarian, I’m often told I don’t raise enough money to be ‘viable,’” as if “viable” means fully owned by the Donor Class who control our media (even most of new media), information, education, entertainment, industrial, Big Ag, Big Pharma and political systems.  I’m also no part of the Hatfield/McCoy, Republican v Democrat, divide-and-conquer puppet show we’ve played since WWII, or the Power For Sale political primaries we’ve had since the 1970’s.

So I’m free to say that, even here in Indiana, where Republicans are increasingly indistinguishable from Democrats, there are still good Republicans, and good Democrats.  Of course, none of them are in federal office.  We have nobody like Thomas Massie or Rand Paul of KY, or Justin Amash of MI.  Why?  Because through the last several Indiana GOP primaries, all the best GOP candidates (you know, the ones not called RINOs), lose in our embarrassingly expensive, corrupting and pre-scripted primary elections, to candidates approved by their Donor Class puppet masters.   I’ve won a GOP primary election for US House, and I’ve seen the backstage.  The unconstitutional, inherently divisive and corrupt Two Party System our founders warned against cannot be fixed.  It must be ended to let better people have a shot.

For example, promising newcomers like Charles Bookwalter, a strong constitutionalist, so good he could even be a Libertarian, lost to the crony establishment.  The only constitutionalist federal officeholder Indiana has had in a hundred years, John Hostettler, also lost to the status quo.  Numerous other, superb candidates over the years, like nationally-known economist Dr. Eric Schansberg, have been brushed away by rules changes and smoky room shenanigans.  In other words, our best and brightest lose Primary Elections to the so-called “lesser evil” (but still genuinely evil) politics all voters claim to hate, but keep reelecting nonetheless.

So now, every single member of Indiana’s delegation to DC has voted against individual rights, domestic prosperity and sovereignty, privacy, sane economics, and national security.  They’ve instead voted to fund, train and arm every side of every conflict on the planet; voted to destabilize foreign governments and create enemies everywhere; and voted to increase the size and cost and Big Brother powers of their military, monetary, NGO, corporate and intelligence agency puppet masters.  They’ve voted to fund the literal invasion of our country with foreigners who’re even allowed to vote in our elections.  They’ve lined their own pockets with insider trading as they wipe out the middle class and push too many into intractable debt.  They’ve voted us onto the edge of simultaneous societal, economic and moral collapse, as well as the very real potential for WWIII.  Every one of them.  No exceptions.

While my book, “Relighting the Torch” goes into much more detail on the problems, and offers the proven solutions that have always been ours for the taking, the short answer is that We The People have all the power to fix all of this.  But we have to want to.  When we really want to, we will change how we’ve been wielding our weapons of peaceful revolution – our votes.  …If we still have elections.

The most important, actionable words in our once-cherished Declaration of Independence are, “…that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.  But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

I hope we have suffered enough of our government’s long train of abuses and usurpations that we’re ready to invoke our right, and duty, to throw off such ungoverned, sold-out “government.”

After the judicial travesty in NYC, I understand why so many, even Libertarians, now see Donald Trump as the “Protest Vote” for USA President.  Even though he still surrounds himself with Deep State apparatchiks, and has endorsed sold-out politicians, I will no longer try to talk people away from him.

But let’s be serious about the real power in our government.  It’s the NGOs, corporations and absurdly wealthy Malthusian eugenicists behind the curtain who’re pulling the strings, such that nothing works the way it’s supposed to.  Today, most laws are written, judged and executed by unelected bureaucrats in executive agencies.  And many of those laws come from other nations, with military actions that cause our own nation real harm.  Congress hasn’t constitutionally declared a war since WWII, yet we’ve had scarcely a year’s peace since.  Truman, Eisenhower and JFK warned us against our spies, military-industrialists and “scientific-technological elites” decades ago, and we should’ve been concerned when the warnings stopped.  Now we’re in actual existential trouble…and not the fearmongering that’s inundated us every election season.  No, we’re in real trouble now.

It’s time for Hoosiers to vote the way we talk.  That means that anti-war, pro-individual liberty Democrats, as well as sound money, sound economy, and small-government Republicans, need to vote Libertarian.

FOOTNOTE:  Andrew Horning is the Libertarian Party of Indiana’s candidate for Indiana’s US Senate seat in 2024.



  1. I agree with Daugherty to a point.
    I have observed the 4 yrs Trump was in office. He fought the establishment with all he could use against them, being blocked at every corner! He did a greater good for the America I grew up in , and continue to be a proud patriot!
    I do not know the total beliefs of libertarians, but I’m definitely not a liberal.
    I’m not getting a total picture of what took place at the Gop, but if it was unjust, than fight! Rally followers together. That is what does not happen enough. The unjustly accused, unjustly stigmatized, rediculed, pitched out under untruth? Than stand up and speak your truth loud and proud! I might come listen and see exactly what you stand for as a libertarian.
    Jackie miles

  2. Great reply Jackie,I give you who the libertarian party nominated for their presidential nominee Chase Oliver x liberal No thanks on the libertarian party……….

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