VSC Media Opportunity – Bus Drivers Learning Spanish




EVSC Bus Drivers Given Opportunity

to Learn Spanish Phrases for Their Riders

Thursday, July 25, 3 p.m. and

Tuesday, July 30, 8 a.m.

Technology and Innovation Center (next to the Administration Building)

951 Walnut Street, Evansville

Bus drivers in the EVSC who are interested in learning several Spanish phrases in order to better communicate with the students riding their busses, are now being given that opportunity – through a course offered by the EVSC. Nearly 3.5% of the student population in the EVSC is Hispanic. Customer service is an important facet of the work that takes place in the EVSC, and bus drivers are the first individuals to see students in the morning, setting the tone for the rest of the school day.


This week, and early next week – drivers will be in attendance at this one-hour, voluntary class. They will also receive a quick reference guide for their bus, as well as a booklet and CD to continue learning on their own after the class.


  1. I believe it is more important for the bus drivers to greet their non English speaking students in English. It will help them assimilate more rapidly into American society, which is the desired goal.


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