VHS Volunteers Giving Shelter Pets Some Extra Love on Thanksgiving


[Evansville, Indiana] — A crew of volunteers is making sure that shelter pets aren’t lonely in their kennels on Thanksgiving evening!

The Vanderburgh Humane Society staff works 365 days per year, in all types of weather and on every holiday, to make sure the animals are fed, watered, and have clean & cozy bedding for the night. Animals who are on medications receive those, and dogs are taken out for playtime like they are every other day. There is never a single whole day off. On major holidays like Thanksgiving, the staff then go home to their own families for some much-deserved time off. Tomorrow is no exception.

But oftentimes, volunteers are willing to come in on holidays and work around their own family plans. This will be happening tomorrow on Thanksgiving! A group of volunteers will be arriving at the shelter at 2:30 pm and staying until 5 pm to give dogs an extra afternoon walk, freshen up cats’ food and water, and provide dogs with a “Thanksgiving platter” of green beans, mini dog-safe pumpkin pies, and Cool Whip. This will be an adorable photo op that will demonstrate the tireless efforts of animal welfare workers and volunteers 365 days a year, much like first responders and medical personnel, even when other types of jobs are “off.”

Members of the media are welcome to cover this story tomorrow as these volunteers generously give their time to shelter pets on Thanksgiving. Contact Amanda today (Wednesday) or Mackenzee tomorrow (Thursday) to arrange a coverage opportunity!