While the film industry is preparing for Hollywood’s biggest night, the Vanderburgh Humane Society has launched a creative adoption promotion to showcase their fine felines!

The public can vote on their favorite Oscar “nom-nom” (nominee) on social media today, tomorrow, and Saturday in CAT-egories like, “Best  Purrformance: Acator,” “Best Purrformance: Acatress,” and “Best Picture.” Up for awards this year are big names such as Leonardo DiCatrio, Jennifer Pawrence, Mewchael Fassbender, and pictures like “The Big Tort” and “Cat Room!”

There are so many wonderful adult cats at the VHS that have been waiting for months to find homes, and once kittens become available for adoption, their chances of finding homes will be even less. During Kitten Season, adult cats often have a difficult time being adopted, because they are competing with cute and playful kittens. Right now in particular, the VHS seems to have an overabundance of senior cats age 7 and older. While they are called “seniors,” many of these cats are completely healthy, happy, and have the energy of a much younger feline. They have many years of love to give, and they are no less deserving of a home than kittens are. Each is litterbox-trained and most will get along with children and other pets!

VHS hopes to give these wonderful adult cats their moment in the “spotlight,” and find their homes soon so they can enjoy awards season on a warm lap!

Voters can see the nominees on Facebook at www.facebook.com/VanderburghHumaneSociety, or on Twitter and Instagram at @vhslifesaver.

For more information about this adoption event, please contact Amanda Coburn at (812) 426-2563 ext. 218.



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