Vanderburgh Sheriff’s make Child Molestation Arrest


Sheriff Eric Williams

Sheriff’s Make Arrest for Child Molestation


  1. Has anyone ever wondered why methamphetamine has no problem soliciting attention from law enforcement across the nation? Why is it that the cocaine / crack epidemic is rarely reported? This is a problem that is deeply embedded within inner cities and suburbia alike. Does anyone think that it’s possible the government puts an immense amount of time and effort into meth because they cannot benefit from it in any way due to ease of manufacturing the product? However, with cocaine the proceeds have been known to assist our government with funding guerilla warfare worldwide. Just food for thought…………..

    • Yes I actually have, it’s the same as filling the jails with people for pot possession and blocking states trying to enact medical marijuana laws. The war on drugs makes me want to get out my tin foil hat sometimes.


        • We’d have a lot of unemployed people walking around with a smile (or dumb) look on their face, other then that I don’t know, if legalized and taxed (think cigarettes) it might solve a few funding issues with the state and local governments but they’d just buy more chargers for EVs that we don’t need. 🙂

          Your thoughts?

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