Vanderburgh Democrat Party Still Servicing Debt to SMG for 2010 Event at the Centre


The City County Observer has learned today that the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party is working with SMG to make installment payments due to SMG for an event that was held in October of 2010.

Darren Stearns, Assistant General Manager for SMG confirmed that he has been working with the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party as they work down their debt and stated that SMG has chosen not to refer this debt to a collection agency. Mr. Stearns also stated that until this debt is paid in full that SMG’s policy for the operation of the Centre and other facilities is that no new events may be held.

When the City County Observer asked Mr. Stearn if the Democrat Party was aware of this debt he immediately responded yes. The CCO published the October 21, 2011 “Receipts and Expenditures Report” for the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party today. This report explicitly had a ZERO in the column for debt indicating that the Party had no debt at the time of filing. Mr. Stearns volunteered that decisions to accept payment terms are made at the sole discretion of SMG.

Other sources have told us that the amount of the original debt was between $5,000 and $8,500 including both catering and facility use fees.

This is a developing story:


  1. Hahahaha.

    Clean ’em out!

    Is Conor O’Daniel the one who filed the Receipts and Expenditures Report?

    Would this falsified report constitute fraud if these debts are proven to be known?

  2. Yep that O’Daniel dude should have payed more attention to the debt. Da trouble is that Democrats LOVE debt especially if you and I are payin in to pay for their parties. Ain’t old John Friend da chairman of the Finance committee of the Democrat Party? Why didn’t he figure out about the debt and at least make these suckers tell the truth on an official report? How damn dumb can these people be? Disgraceful! Who gonna pay dis off? Weinsapful got plenty of money. Why don’t he pay dis debt off? He ain’t ever gonna run for anything again after the mess he made here.

    • Everyone should read the posts on the CCO article about the Democratic partys Amended financial report. The 11/2/11 Amended Democratic report on page 30 documents the Mainstream Democratic PAC made $500 PAYMENT OF DEBT on 10/1/11. It doesn’t show who the PAC paid the debt to or what for. This Amended report has on last 2 pages the debts the Democratic party now claims to owe, including more than $7,000 still owed to the Centre from almost a year ago on 12/7/10,but no payments were showed made by Democratic party from the 4/6/11 reporting date.

      The first Democratic report filed 10/21/11 claimed no Democratic party debt and did not list this same $500 10/1/11 Mainstream PAC payment as PAYMENT OF DEBT. Interesting the Mainstream Democratic PAC report shows the PAC has zero debt and on page 7 made a $500 payment to the Centre on 9/20/11.

      Could it be true the PAC was covering payment on the Centre debt for the Democratic Party? HMMMMMM?

  3. Ya know, if Mark Owen hadn’t made the JFK club pull the fall festival booth maybe they could have afforded to have this event. I guess if he asks you to dinner you better bring your own credit card

    • Yes, I guess the $10K generated from a fall festival booth would come in handy to pay some bills huh?

      • I’m telling you, Larry Aiken was thenonly one with any brains. The rest of them are dumber than a bag of Bidens.

        • Check this out Chairman Owen, Political operative Jarvis, Mr. Weaver, Vice-Chair Robinson and other Central Committee insiders:

          The local Central Committee officers were warned by the State Democratic party and in circle the wagons response they signed the “we are family” resolution for Connie Robinson that this matter has been resolved internally. They are playing an amazing game of “chicken” with the State Democrats. The gang of 23 gambles the State Democrats are to chicken to try remove the local party leasdership if the gang of 23 can hold together, with one of the signors and his $750,000 war chest as their ace in the hole. If Mr. Davis wins, as a loyal Democrat, and with the State Democratic party, they will remove the disloyal Central Committee officers for breach of duty. If a Republican wins as they hope, they may cling to power unless Mr. Davis announces election night that he will run again in 4 years under a unified Democratic party. Then Mr. Davis and State party dismantle the disloyal machine and start over with 4 years to create a unified party of honor and purpose. The gang of 23 will do all in their power to keep their local Democrat power, despite knowing their leadership acted against the majority of their own primary voters and in direct subversion of their sworn duty as local Democratic party officers.

          • Just a little preview of what’s going to happen in this neck of the woods after election day. Finally.

            Dan Parker, save us from these corrupt thugs!

  4. And if Mark Owen invites you to dinner, make sure you get up and “get to the restroom” (ye oldfashioned cheque-dive) before HE gets a chance to stiff you with the bill.

  5. This is an amazing piece and needs a lot broader circulation! Evidently Pate, Stewart, and Leach decided to provide cover on this one.

    Stiffing the Bauer House. Stiffing SM&G. Stiffing the voters who voted for Rick Davis.

    If everyone made up the rules as they went along, like these democrats do, we would have anarchy.


  6. Good ol’ Whiny-Snapple has over $800,000 in campaign donations, and he can’t take care of an $8,500 debt for his old buddies in the Democratic Party? Hey, is that one classy guy, or What?! And what about the Tyrannical, all seeing, all knowing, all powerful Machine that so many people have been protesting for the last couple of weeks? Can’t they come up with the bucks to bail out their lap dogs in the Democratic Party? After eight years of service to The Machine you would think that their all-powerful hands on the levers of government would bail out their flunkies in the Democratic Party by paying a lousy $8,500 catering bill. What are the odds that a case or two of Opus One was cracked open for the bigwigs, heh?

    • You got it Rail! This and many other CCO threads ought to be published as an insert in the Courier.

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