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Evansville, IN – Below is a list of felony cases that were filed by the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office on Monday, August 13, 2012.

Scott Blaylock Aggravated Battery – Class B Felony

Breona Fletcher Neglect of a Dependent – Class D Felony (Two Counts)
False Informing – Class B Misdemeanor

Raymond Petrie Domestic Battery – Class A Misdemeanor
(Enhanced to a Class D Felony due to Prior Convictions)
Criminal Mischief – Class A Misdemeanor
Resisting Law Enforcement – Class A Misdemeanor
Public Intoxication – Class B Misdemeanor

Frederick Schleter Burglary -Class B Felony
Theft – Class D Felony

Vashon Sherman Attempted Battery by Means of a Deadly Weapon – Class C Felony (Two Counts)
Carrying a Handgun Without a License – Class A Misdemeanor
Criminal Mischief – Class A Misdemeanor

Darius Spence Operating a Motor Vehicle After Forfeiture of License for Life – Class C Felony

For further information on the cases listed above, or any pending case, please contact Carly Settles at 812.435.5688 or via e-mail at

Under Indiana law, all criminal defendants are considered to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

Class Range
Murder 45-65 Years
A Felony 20-50 Years
B Felony 6-20 Years
C Felony 2-8 Years
D Felony ½ – 3 Years
A Misdemeanor 0-1 Year
B Misdemeanor 0-180 Days