Today’s Vanderburgh County Board of Commissioners Agenda



     The Vanderburgh County Board of Commissioners

    February 11, 2020, at 3:00 pm, in Room 301At hr Civic Center

    1. Call to Order
    2. Attendance
    3. Pledge of Allegiance
    4. Action Items 
      1. Permission to Advertise: 2019 Statement Receipts and Expenditures
      2. Vanderburgh County-Tony Monks Settlement and Release Agreement
      3. County Auditor:
        1. Maximus Consulting Services Termination Letter
        2. Dossett Consulting, LLC Professional Consulting Services Agreement
      4. First Reading of  Ordinance CO.02-20-002: Amending Ch. 17.24: Off-Street Parking and Loading
      5. Second Reading of Ordinance CO.07-19-016: Amending C. 17.12.020: Minimum Floor Area
      6. Burdette Park:
        1. RC Beverage Contract Renewal
        2. Oswald Marketing Contract Renewal
        3. Town and Country Ford Service Vehicle
      7. Health Department: 
        1. Administrative Assistant Contract with Riley Smith
        2. Review and Approval of Overdose Data to Action Grant
    5. Department Head Reports
    6. New Business
      1. Major Bill White Valentine Card
    7. Old Business
    8. Consent Items
      1. Approval of January 28, 2020, Meeting Minutes
      2. Employment Changes 
      3. County Engineer: 
        1. Department Reports and Claims
        2. Approve Travel Request for 2020 Purdue Road School Transportation Conference
      4. County Auditor: Claims Voucher Reports: 1/27/2020 through 1/31/2020 and 2/3/2020 through 2/7/2020
      5. County Assessor: Surplus Request
      6. Sherriff Department: Logan’s Promise Road Closure Request
      7. County Commissioners: Coliseum Gaming Commission Letter
      8. Superintendent of County Buildings: Letter of Agency for Coroner’s Office Phones
      9. Arc of Evansville May-December 2019 Reports
    9. Public Comment
    10. Adjournment


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