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damour-1The Honorable Judge Richard G. D’Amour

By Scottie Thomas


Originally from Woodbury, New Jersey, the Honorable Judge Richard G. D’Amour moved to Terre Haute, Indiana with his family.  He earned his undergraduate degree from Notre Dame and his law degree from Indiana University in Indianapolis.  It was not until 1981 when D’Amour moved to Evansville.  He has been married for 38 years to his wife, Holly.  They have no kids but an adorable dog, Enzo, named after Ferrari.  D’Amour.


The Honorable Judge D’Amour was elected Superior Court Judge in 2010 and his term will run for six years.  A magistrate is a judicial officer appointed to serve by the elected judges.  His term will conclude at 2016 for Vanderburgh County.  Unlike judges in most of the 92 counties, Vanderburgh County, one of two counties, has their judges run on a non-partisan basis.


Some of the philanthropy D’Amour participates in: the Evansville Museum, Green River Kiwanis Club, The Salvation Army’s Soup Kitchen and his Church, which is St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  He and his wife sing in the choir and are very active with their church.  From time to time, D’Amour also enjoys going to a cigar lounge, ‘Cigar!Cigar!’


One of the defining moments for Judge D’Amour is after spending twenty-four years as a lawyer; he helped establish the Alternate Dispute Resolution Fund (ADR Fund).  It is a program that helps low-income litigants in family law disputes obtain mediation services at little or no cost to them. It is funded by an additional $20 added to the filing fee for divorce actions.


There was one case that stood out to D’Amour.  He shared it was about a man who allegedly murdered his step-daughter, age seven.  With the help of another colleague, they were able to prosecute, leading to a verdict of ‘guilty.’  Years later, the family of the victim still expresses their gratitude and appreciates to D’Amour for his efforts and work in the case.


If Judge D’Amour was not doing practicing law, or serving as an Honorable Judge, he would be heavily involved in the church, serving as Deacon.  ‘Faith is very important to me,’ said the Honorable Judge Richard G. D’Amour.


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