UE Faculty Celebrate Their First Victory in the Campaign to Save UE!


UE Faculty Celebrate Their First Victory in the Campaign to Save UE!

Evansville— 2/8/2021—The UE AAUP is delighted to see the news of the administration’s decision to withdraw its elimination of the Music Department. We support the reinstatement and hope that the department will be allowed to retain its faculty as well as its programs.

The decision to retain the Music department resulted from the collective efforts of faculty, alumni, students, and community members. We urge the senior administration to continue to engage with all of those groups so that more of the programs slated for termination can be retained. As the faculty has been saying since April, the university can only be saved through the full implementation of shared governance.

While we celebrate the efforts to save the music program, the UE AAUP remains committed to its Save UE campaign. We want to save all of the faculty and the programs that have been targeted by the President’s flawed draft academic realignment plan. This entire situation could have been avoided had the President and the Board of Trustees listened to the faculty, staff, students, and alumni from the beginning. We sincerely hope that they will now begin to do so.

FOOTNoTE: Contact(s): Daniel Byrne, Secretary-Treasurer UEAAUP, ueaaup@gmail.compage1image3037349280 The City-County Observer posted this article without bias, or editing.
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