UE Announces Baccalaureate/MD Program



The University of Evansville has an exciting new opportunity for Indiana residents who plan to become physicians: a Baccalaureate to Doctor of Medicine (B/MD) program that offers direct entry into the Indiana University School of Medicine-Evansville. The University of Evansville is the first private university in Indiana to establish this collaboration with IU’s School of Medicine (IUSM).

Beginning with UE’s entering freshman class of 2014, a select number of highly qualified Indiana students will be admitted simultaneously to UE and IUSM-Evansville. Once these students complete their undergraduate degrees and medical school prerequisite courses at the University of Evansville, they will begin medical school at IUSM-Evansville, provided they maintain academic eligibility and meet all IU School of Medicine requirements in effect at that time.

Students admitted into the University of Evansville’s B/MD program will receive a President’s Scholarship ($19,000) for eight undergraduate semesters and provisional admission to the Indiana University School of Medicine-Evansville. These students are also eligible to attend Davidson Scholarship Day and compete for a Trustee Scholarship.

“The B/MD program is an incredible opportunity for academically talented students who enter college with the goal of attending medical school after they graduate,” said John A. Mosbo, UE senior vice president for academic affairs. “Students will, of course, need to sustain an excellent academic performance and meet established medical school admission criteria, but this program will make a major impact on students’ college experiences by eliminating the additional stress of applying to medical school their senior year, thus allowing them to truly make the most of the meaningful undergraduate experience available at UE.”

“Past University of Evansville students have been very successful in medical school, and ultimately, we believe this new program will help us recruit an even greater number of exceptional pre-medical students and keep those talented individuals in Indiana to practice medicine,” Mosbo added.

To be admitted into the B/MD program, students must be Indiana residents, have a minimum SAT score of 1920 or an ACT score of 29, and hold a high school GPA of 4.0 (A average) or greater in their academic courses. The B/MD Advisory Committee, which consists of representatives from UE, IUSM-Evansville, and the local medical community, will review applications and invite finalists to interview for the program.