Troopers Render Medical Aid to Unresponsive Driver



Vanderburgh County – Early this morning, December 16, at approximately 12:30, Trooper Korey Mauck was patrolling SR 66 near the Posey County line when he noticed a 2012 GMC truck stopped in the median and partially in the westbound passing lane. Trooper Mauck approached the vehicle and attempted to communicate with the 35-year-old driver from Henderson, but the driver was just staring at Mauck and not speaking. The driver still had the vehicle in gear and his foot on the brake. Trooper Mauck was able to reach in and shift the vehicle into park. Trooper Wes Kuykendall and a Vanderburgh County deputy soon arrived to assist. Fearing the driver may be diabetic, they administered a tube of glucose and within a few minutes the driver started to respond to the trooper’s questions. Perry Township Fire Department and A.M.R. Ambulance soon arrived and continued to treat the driver. He was eventually taken to Deaconess Hospital where he was examined and later released. The 35-year-old driver was delivering Krispy Kreme Donuts to area gas stations before he became unresponsive and drove his vehicle off the roadway.