Trooper Brad Miller renders Aid to Choking Victim at Local Restaurant



This afternoon, Trooper Brad Miller and several other law enforcement officers were enjoying lunch at Tequilas Mexican Restaurant located at 408 Southwind Plaza, Mt. Vernon. At approximately 12:30 a middle aged woman sitting in a booth next to Miller and the other police officers stood up and grabbed her throat, which is the universal sign that the person is choking. Trooper Miller asked the woman if she was choking and she nodded her head yes. Miller immediately placed his arms around the choking woman and administered several abdominal thrusts. Within a few seconds, the food was dislodged and she was able to breathe again.

Trooper Miller said that he knew the woman was in trouble when he saw her grabbing her throat. “I administered about five abdominal thrust before the object was dislodged and she was able to breathe again,” said Miller. Trooper Miller is a seven-year veteran and is assigned to the Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division and primarily patrols counties within the Evansville District.


  1. Great job officer. Because he was no doubt hyped up after this incident some lucky trucker saved themselves $ 1,400.00 or so worth of tickets and one unlucky trucker passing through a little later was caught & fined. It’s all in the timing.

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