Trailblazing student trustee actively engages with Vincennes University student body


VINCENNES, Ind., November 27, 2023 – In a historic achievement, Vincennes University Student Trustee Gayle Baugh ’24 is blazing her trail by becoming the first-ever two-time appointee, a testament to her exceptional leadership and dedication to student representation.

Baugh of Greencastle, Indiana, was appointed Student Trustee to the VU Board of Trustees for a second term by Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. The Education major was sworn in for her history-making term on Oct. 2.

With an unwavering commitment to fostering strong connections between the VU Board of Trustees and student body, Baugh has a clear vision for her second term. Her goal is to engage more deeply with her fellow students, ensuring their voices resonate greatly throughout university life. Recognizing that progress stems from collaboration, she is creating avenues for open dialogue and listening to the diverse perspectives that enrich the VU community.

Baugh is co-hosting Sweets With Student Leaders on Tuesday, Nov. 28, 10:30-11:30 a.m. ET in Jefferson Student Union. Students are encouraged to enjoy sweet treats while talking with student leaders and sharing suggestions on how the University can enhance their experience.

“With getting the chance to serve for a second term it is my hope to get myself out to the student population even more and really get in more detail what they want to see so that they will have the best possible experience while at VU,” Baugh said. “Being the first ever two-term student trustee I am really in a great position to continue my work from last year and really make an impact at the University. I have a few ideas from this past year and it is my goal to get them implemented during my time as student trustee this next year.”

Student trustees serve as a bridge between the university administration and the student community. They play a pivotal role in representing the diverse interests of the student body, offering unique insights that enrich the University’s decision-making processes.

VU Board of Trustees Chairman Mike Sievers said, “Gayle’s outstanding performance and exceptional dedication during her first term have demonstrated her unwavering commitment to representing the student body and advocating for their interests. Trustee Baugh has shown remarkable leadership, insight, and a deep understanding of the University. We have full confidence in her ability to continue to excel and contribute significantly to the governance and betterment of our esteemed institution. We are looking forward to another term of exemplary service and positive impact.”

Her current term expires on Oct. 6, 2024. She began her first term in 2022.

“My time serving as the student trustee has been nothing short of amazing,” Baugh said. “I have been given the privilege of being able to see all of the hard work that it takes for the university to be run smoothly. I had a pretty special year as it was the year for our HLC visit. I enjoyed getting to see all of the details that go into a visit and watching how well the faculty and staff work cohesively as one. I also enjoyed getting to talk to students and hear what their wants and needs are for the University.”

Baugh balances the responsibilities of a student trustee with the rigors of pursuing a bachelor’s degree. She is a student in a unique VU degree program that prepares future educators to teach in both elementary (K-6) and special education (K-12) classrooms. Next year, she will complete her student teaching at two schools in Vincennes and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education, Mild Intervention K-12.

Baugh stands out as a vibrant and dynamic presence on campus, infusing energy into university life through her active engagement in various student activities. She is a VU cheerleader and is a member of the service-oriented Education Club that serves neuro diverse community members and community schools. She is a Dean’s List student and has participated in the Horticulture Club. She was also a 2023 Indy 500 Festival Princess.

By championing inclusivity and amplifying the voices and aspirations of her peers, this trailblazing student trustee is not just making history; Baugh is forging a path for greater student involvement and influence for the betterment of VU.