Traffic Restrictions Eased at Lincoln/Green River Intersection


Construction is progressing on improvements to the intersection at Lincoln Avenue
and Green River Road, allowing city officials to lift some traffic restrictions near the work site. City
Engineer Pat Keepes said one eastbound lane and one westbound lane on Lincoln Avenue will reopen. In
addition, one lane of southbound traffic on Green River Road will reopen to Lincoln Avenue. The traffic
restrictions will be eased later today.

Improvements to the intersection at Lincoln Avenue and Green River Road are part of a $1.3 million
project f designed to reduce vehicular emissions and improve the overall efficiency and safety of the
intersection. It is funded through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program.

The project features a dedicated southbound to westbound right turn lane; a dedicated westbound
to southbound left turn lane; new signalization; new curbs, gutters, sidewalks accessibility ramps, and
storm sewers; and complete pavement removal and replacement for the entire intersection. The entire
project is scheduled for completion in late fall.

For more information on the construction project, contract City Engineer Pat Keepes at 812-436-4990.


  1. Lemme see if I read that right: Improvements to one (count ’em, One) intersection will be under way for another seven or eight months!? It’s no wonder that this town is very quickly going broke!

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