Tornatta, Davis, and Winnecke: Who Has the Cash


The City County Observer has obtained all three of the campaign disclosure statements that were filed by the Committee to elect Troy Tornatta, a political committee that was formed to raise campaign contributions for Mr. Tornatta’s effort to retain his seat on the Vanderburgh County Commissioners. All of the files exceed the file size limitation of WordPress so we will not be able to post them as a part of this article.

The contents of the documents that dealt with different periods of 2010 essentially show that this committee raised a total of $119,653.44 and ended the year with a cash balance of $38,706 that we assume will start the warchest for Troy’s run for the Democratic nomination for Mayor of Evansville.

Contrasting that with his Democratic opponent for the party nomination Rick Davis’s much smaller pile of cash of $582 and County Commissioner Lloyd Winnecke’s stash of $9,495 and it becomes apparent that Tornatta has a head start when it comes to an army of Benjamins.

We must acknowledge that the documents all seem to be in order and that the disclosure is complete as were the disclosures of Mr. Davis and Mr. Winnecke.

If anyone would like to request copies of these documents we would be pleased to email them to you.


  1. I heard thru the grapevine that the Mayor got so mad that he threw a punch at Tornatta in his office..can you check this out…

      • They told me it was in a heated discussion in the Mayor’s office over the Arena..not sure of the when..

        • Thats a rumor thats been floating around civic center for months. First it was after the last election, now in the mayors office. It’s called a whisper campaigne. Most of it comes out of the JKK club. They have already started one against Winnecke. Heck of a group Davis as pushing him. Just take a close look at his core group.

          • Don’t believe everything that is whispered into you ear. Valentine’s Day is Monday. This whole punching match thing seems out of character for either of these people.

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