Tom Spangler Candidate for 8th District Congressional Seat



This weeks City County Observer and the Wood and Woods show special guest will be Tom Spangler Democratic candidate for the 8th District Congressional seat.  This is a must watch TV program concerning Mr. Spangler reasons why he running  for US Congress.  The Tri-StateVoices show was created by the City County Observer, recorded and edited by Wood and Woods law firm and produced by ME TV TRI-STATE.

The shows host is well known lawyer Mike Woods. The Tri-StateVoices program features current topics and issues of importance to this region. This public affairs program is 30 minutes in length. The City County Observer ,Woods and Woods, Tri-StateVoices show will air on ME TV TRI-STATE each Sunday at 11:30 am and can viewed on the following TV Channels: Channels 36.1 and 20.1. WOW 105. Insight -186 and Time Warner -3 and 14. If you miss the TRI-STATE VOICES show on ME TV TRI-STATE you may view it on the City County Observer newly creative “MOLE TV” video channel located on this site.


Throughout his entire business career, Tom Spangler has placed faith and prayer as his most important life values. Combining these talents with an entrepreneurial business spirit, he has always had the courage to challenge the status quo with positive solutions.

Tom is now ready to take his business experience to challenge and break the gridlock in Washington.

After attending two years at Stautzenberger Business College, Toledo, Ohio, Spangler joined La-Z-Boy Chair Co. He was instrumental in the start-up and maturing of a new commercial furniture division for La-Z-Boy. In 1984 he came to southern Indiana to help guide and grow Executive Furniture Inc. to become a multi – million dollar company with over 300,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.

Spangler obtained his business goal in 2002 of owning his own company by purchasing The L.U.I. Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland and moving it to Jasper, Indiana. He has developed strong working relationships with a number of American manufacturing companies to build its branded products.

Tom and his wife, Penny, live in Jasper, Indiana. Married for over 43 years, Tom and Penny are the parents of two married children. They have six grandchildren.


  1. I’ll be watching the entire interview.

    I have a place in my heart for entrepreneurs because they are the domestic Special Forces that make our country great.

    But you or anyone else can stick your religion up you ass because it’s between you and whatever you believe in and no one else.

    You are not going to be buried with your congregation.

    It’s between you and Whatever is waiting so please leave your religious opinions out of this Spangler or I’ll be forced to vote for the worst representative this district has had in a generation.


      • Ellsworth represents the best of the American male this country can deliver.

        Body, mind and spirit.

        As far as a representative, think or believe what you want.

        That’s what makes the world go around…………..

        • Your sarcasm cracks me up. That’s a good shot at Ellsworth you got off. Keep them coming.

    • We do have the choice of the CCO regular advertiser, Andrew Hornung, and just not voting at all in that race. I’m leaning toward not voting in the race.

  2. Spangler belongs in the Tea Party, NOT the Democratic Party. He just knew filing would keep the Democrats from running a viable candidate to send Dr. Larry back home. That was pretty clever, as he effectively killed the Democrats’ chances of naming a decent candidate to take Buschon out of the seat. I can’t help but wonder if he and Larry are secret BFFs.
    I do hope that in his “MOLE TV” appearance, Mr. Spangler explains his positions on infrastructure investment, climate change, and ACA. I suspect he considers all three to be unaffordable, and that the only way to save this country is to reduce taxes on businesses.
    I’m expecting that his platform will be “no spending and lots of prayer”, but hope he will come up with something I can support.

    • If he is a Tea Party member, you will have to show me some proof of that, he cannot do any worse than done by current and past Republicans and Democrats. You and others here are always hollering about change, well here is an opportunity to try something different.

      Having said all that, I don’t know the guy. A quick Google does show he has some support from the Tea Party. Though I am not sure if it actually support or just a “shoutout”.

      Anyway, I question his soundness of thought to base a minimum wage increase only on the voltility of the stock market.

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