Tom Bozikis Announces His Candidacy For City Council For the First Ward.


Bozikis holds to traditional conservative values of governance. He holds to the belief that the government that governs best governs least. He believes in the concept of limited government from the federal government to the local level.

He will be committed to reducing spending, lowering taxes where possible and necessary, while maintaining all necessary services to protect our city, improving the infrastructure, and continuing to create a climate for growth that makes sense.

“I believe we need to create an environment that brings business to Evansville where business can build and flourish, where more jobs are created by the private sector, but not through funding to those businesses with taxpayer dollars,” he said.

Bozikis is also interested in reviewing the structure of city government to see where streamlining is possible with an eye to reducing costs.

Bozikis serves as Vice President with the Tri-State Better Business Bureau, a not-for-profit organization, and has worked for the BBB for more than 19 years.

For more information you may contact Tom Bozikis at (812) 459-3854 or e-mail at