Todays Agenda Of The Vanderburgh County Board of Commissioners


Todays Agenda Of The Vanderburgh County Board of Commissioners At 3:00 Room 301, Civic Center Complex

  1. Engineer
    1. Notice to Bidders: VC23-08-01 “Concrete Street Repairs”
    2. Burdette Park Tennis and Pickleball Courts Contract Modification: Empire Contractors,Inc.
    3. Willow Crossing Subdivision Street Plans
    4. Green River Road Trail and Paving Update
  2. Health Department
    1. Leah M. Brown, LLC Agreement – Dare to Lead Leadership Training
    2. Indiana Department of Health (IDOH) Grant Agreement Contract #74534 – Ryan WhitePart B Rebates
  3. Computer Services

1. Advanced Network & Computer Services, Inc. Amendment No. 2 to Master Agreement and Statement of Work – Adding Sheriff’s Office

  1. Sheriff’s Office
    1. Memorandum of Understanding: University of Southern Indiana
    2. Vehicle Installment Purchase Agreement
  2. City Purchasing Department

1. Waste Removal Services Agreement: Republic Services, Inc.

F. Applications for Abutting Property Owners to Purchase County-Owned Properties
1. The North Greens Phase 7 Lot 8A – Parcel ID 82-04-32-002-742.001-019: Deborah K.Scott

  1. 2935LLP
  2. 1312
  3. 1121
  4. 3310
  5. 1507
  6. 2556
  7. 2560
  8. 1105
  9. 1123

Broadway Avenue – Parcel ID 82-05-35-018-069.002-025: Do it Right Investments,

Read Street – Parcel ID 82-06-19-027-024.023-029: Zirkelbach Enterprises, LLC Harriet Street – Parcel ID 08-06-19-027-020.001-029: Gary Wayne Causey Austin Avenue – Parcel ID 82-05-26-018-099.033-025: Karen McCormick Adams Avenue – Parcel ID 82-06-33-011-059.037-027: William R. Bruce

N Fares Avenue – Parcel ID 82-06-16-011-107.025-027: Melissa Ray
N Fares Avenue – Parcel ID 82-06-16-011-107.026-027: Melissa Ray
Keller Street – Parcel ID 82-06-18-028-084.011-029: Danny Paddock, LLC
Fountain Avenue – Parcel ID 82-06-19-028-003.037-029: Georgia Investments, LLC

  1. Ordinance No. CO.08-23-17– Ninth Amendment to ARPA Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund Utilization Plan
  2. Ordinance No. CO.06-23-011 – An Ordinance Amending Title 17 of the Vanderburgh County Code Concerning Land Use and Zoning to Create an Airport Overlay Zone
  3. Ordinance No. CO.05-23-009 – An Ordinance Amending Title 17 of the Vanderburgh County Code Concerning Land Use and Zoning for Accessory Dwelling Units
  1. Department Head Reports
  2. New Business

A. Ordinance No. CO.08-23-018 – Title 17.36.020 Improvement Location Permits Drainage Board Immediately Following

B. Group Term Life Insurance Quotes

  1. Old Business
    1. Airport Overlay Zone Meeting – CANCELLED Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.
    2. REMINDER: Commissioners’ Online Property Auction
      Bidding Open August 7 – August 22, 2023 Through Curran Miller Auction/Realty–properties—evansville- vanderburgh-county-in-68283/details#
  2. Consent Items
    1. Approval of July 25th Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes
    2. Employment Changes
    3. Auditor

1. Claims Voucher Reports

  1. July 24, 2023 – July 28, 2023
  2. July 31, 2023 – August 4, 2023

D. Treasurer
1. June 2023 Innkeepers Tax Report

E. Engineer
1. Report & Claims

  1. 2024 County Department Budget Requests
    1. Area Plan Commission
    2. County Engineer & Highway (Amended)
  2. Computer Services 2024 Proposed Budget
  3. Vanderburgh County Aid to Impacted Industries Agreement: Big Brothers Big Sisters ofSouthwestern Indiana
  4. Hillcrest Washington Youth Home, Inc. Financial Report
  5. Airport Overlay Zone
    1. Response to Vanderburgh County Law Department’s Request for Additional Information from Area Plan Commission, Area Plan Commission’s Counsel, and Airport Authority
    2. Letters of Support
      1. Martin Blake, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Office of AviationManager, and Michael Buening, PE, INDOT Office of Aviation Chief AirportEngineer
      2. Kyle Lewis, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Great Lakes RegionalManager
      3. Shadi Wadi-Ramahi, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Member &Airport Support Network Volunteer
      4. Jason Wuertz
      5. Susan Glisson
    3. Letters of Concern/Opposition

i. Craig Stenz

a. Letter from APC in Response to Opposition Letter from Craig Stenz ii. Jeffrey Anderson

  1. Letter from Nathaniel Hahn, EVV Executive Director
  2. List of Properties in Proposed Airport Overlay Zone

9. Public Comment 10. Adjournment

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Drainage Board Immediately Following


  1. Why are the new city sidewalks on corner lots of Habitat homes in the Jacobsville area being constructed without handicap ramps ?
    This seems to be in violation of the ADA !

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