1. It appears to me that a lot of City County Observer reader community are in a state of depression on the nomination falling to Trump. Cause we got 6 months of this coming. And the GOP Primary…was brutal.
    So, on a different note:
    It’s Mother’s Day Weekend. Moms are sacred things. Happy Mother’s Day Weekend….!

  2. So now that Cheryl Musgrave has won the primary is Wayne Parke and the Republican party going to back her and give her financial support or is he going to support Melcher?

    • The people have spoken, but when did Wayne Parke ever care about the people? He is in that position to carry out the wishes of his handlers. His handlers have their own agenda, and despite the fact that they are a minority of the citizens, they believe they are anointed, by whom I have no clue, to run things here. It is up to the Cheryl Musgraves of the world to disabuse them of that notion and remind them that their combined wealth can never be allowed to nullify the one man-one vote system. What holds true locally also holds true at the national level, and that is what is meant when you hear the term “all politics is local”.

    • I have every confidence that Mr. Parke will support ALL the Republican primary winners. Mr. Parke strongly supported Mr. Ungetheim after the last Primary election, in which he supported his primary opponent.

      • “Strongly supported” …..”…in a pigs ass! Bruce would not stoop that low to accept Mr. Parke “strong support”

    • Melcher and the Mayor are close pals. I put my money on Cheryl winning, no matter where Parke sticks his crummy money.

  3. Is it true that today’s Courier has an article about the City Council’s attorney, Josh Claybourn, stepping down as a delegate to the Republican Convention because his conscience won’t let him support Trump? Is it true that his disdain for Trump didn’t stop him from accepting a backstage pass to the local appearance by the Donald and taking a smiling “thumbs up” picture with him?

  4. Now that National Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!) is over, we can now all get down and party on Sinco del Meow (tbe Spanglish version of Cinco de Mayo) at the local authentic version of indigenous border crossing, wetback cusine – the Hacienda. Viva la Texicans!

    • And Party-Hardy you better be doing because once President Trump rebuilds the Berlin Border Wall in tbe Southwest starting after his inuguration in January 2017 we won’t have any more illegals to cook our food in the local Asian/Chinese/Japanese/Pizza joint buffets. My Gawd, we’ll all starve!

  5. Isn’t this the same Josh Claybourne that got a serious speeding ticket for doing 30 or 40 over the speed limit and tried to get someone in law enforcement to fix it for him? He says he’s got a conscience?

  6. Believe it or not, Josh Claybourn is on national TV (MSNBC) right now telling Kate Snow why he won’t be going to the Republican Convention. Mr Claybourne may soon learn that not all publicity is good publicity. There are a lot of potential clients who are Trump fans in these parts.

  7. Breaking: Eddie Munster AKA Paul Ryan says he isn’t supporting Trump. Rats deserting a sinking ship.

  8. Trump, the “self-funder” just got a really slimy hedge fund manager for a finance chairman and embraced the super pac run by the convicted buyer of endorsements that used to work for Ron Paul. So much for “he can’t be bought.”

  9. You can’t make up this stuff. No one would believe it. It is a soap opera really — “As the World Crashes and Burns.”
    When my cousin was in college in the early 1970s, she commented that just when you think you have met every fool in the world, a whole new crop shows up. She was a very smart chick then and still is. Worked for the DIA for a while doing secret stuff; then got smart and got out of government employment. Her take on this whole primary is something else but thankfully she is no longer in DC and retired. Smart enough to get out of dodge.


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