This Year’s Wine & Moonshine Tour to Kentucky Has Been Canceled


Good Morning Everyone,

I’m sad to tell you, but I’m canceling this year’s Wine & Moonshine Tour to Kentucky.  I’m very sorry.

With the covid outbreak continuing, the Kentucky wineries & moonshine companies we’re visiting have limited the number they can serve at a time.  One of our moonshine companies has closed.  Calvin Swine’s moonshine company at Patti’s will not return my phone call about our tasting.

Patti’s dining did return my call and said they weren’t taking any group reservations due to not enough staff to cover the dining rooms.  We’d have to order take out at Patti’s, T Lawsons and Gristmill Cafe and eat outside.  Some of us might be able to get reservations inside at Patti’s for dining, but it’s not a guarantee.  It’s been a struggle to say the least for me.

Masking was going to be optional on the coach for all of us.  With the outbreak continuing and Kentucky being hit hard I felt we’d need to mask while on the bus and of course in the businesses.  Another concern is if any of our guests were to be exposed the whole coach would be exposed the new covid outbreak.  I want everyone to be safe, healthy, and happy.

I presented my issues and concerns about the tour to our Executive Director Troy Wells and Board President Barbara Zellerino.  In my experience when you’re running into this many issues, you’d better listen to your instincts.  It’s telling you something.  The decision was made to cancel the trip for this year before payments were made.

This tour will go out next year with the same itinerary as this year.  I want us to be able to get on the couch, have our tastings and dinner with no mask and be able to enjoy the company of our friends and family.

Our new tour date is Saturday, November 12th, 2022.

I will be in contact with everyone to let you know all details of our tour.  Thank you everyone, but most of all thank you for your understanding.

Karen Stevens
Historic Newburgh Tour Coordinator
Direct Cell Number 812-455-7543



  1. “I want us to be able to get on the couch,…”
    Yep, everyone should get on the couch…

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