THIS WEEK, SENATOR BRAUN spoke out about the Trump administration’s decision not to pursue a rule to reform prescription drug price negotiations, pushed forward with his plans to lower prescription drug prices for Hoosiers, and reaffirmed his commitment to putting American workers first. 

Senator Braun released the following statement, reported in POLITICO, after the Trump administration announced its decision to scuttle a rule that would reform the rebate system in Medicare in Medicaid. Senator Braun introduced legislation that would expand the rule to the commercial insurance market as well.

“Nobody is working harder than President Trump to lower the cost of healthcare, but the administration’s decision today to allow the corrupt practice of middlemen negotiators pocketing patients’ money through rebates is a clear victory for big healthcare and a loss for patients.”


As Brian Francisco reported for the Journal Gazette, Senator Braun was undeterred by the decision and is going forward with his legislation that will ensure rebate savings will go to American patients, not big healthcare’s pockets.

“This fight is not over and I will continue to push my legislation that forces these savings to be directly passed onto consumers.” 

Senator Braun joined Guy Benson on Fox Business’s Kennedy to discuss the pending Obamacare lawsuit and his plans to bring reform to our opaque healthcare system.

Senator Braun penned an op-ed for The Hill on President Trump’s executive action on healthcare transparency and his proposals to make healthcare costs transparent for Hoosiers that are included in the Lower Health Care Costs Act, soon headed to a vote.

“If we can include consumers in the negotiation by giving them some skin in the game – encouraging them to shop around for prices like we do for car insurance and big screen TVs – then competition will do what it does in all other industries: lower prices.”

Senator Braun joined an effort this week to ensure that American-made materials and businesses are prioritized when U.S. tax dollars are spent on infrastructure projects.

“‘In Indiana, Made-in-America is more than a slogan: More Hoosiers are employed in manufacturing than in any other industry,’ Republican Braun said in the statement. ‘U.S. infrastructure projects ought to support workers and create jobs in South Bend and Gary, not in Shenzhen and Guangzhou.'”

This week, Senator Braun remembered the legacy of Ross Perot, an outsider candidate who helped pave the way for his outsider businessman run for Senate, releasing the following statement:

“Ross Perot was right about the dangers of NAFTA and runaway government spending because he spoke from real experience – not as a career politician – and paved the way for entrepreneurs like me and President Trump to shake the system in D.C.”

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