This Week in Indiana History


    September 24 – September 30

    Crown Hill September 25, 1863 Crown Hill Cemetery was incorporated. Located on over 550 acres in northwest Indianapolis, it is the third largest in the nation.

    September  25, 1894 Culver Military Academy opened for its first regular session with 32 cadets in attendance.


    John Chapman September 26, 1774 John Chapman was born in Massachusetts. He became known as “Johnny Appleseed” and established orchards throughout the Midwest. He died in Ft. Wayne in 1847.

    September  28, 1880 A 10-ton block of limestone was laid as the cornerstone of the new Indiana State House. The program included speeches from Governor James “Bluejeans” Williams and former Governor Thomas Hendricks and recitation of a poem by Sarah Bolton. Edwin May drawing

    September 30, 1955 24-year-old actor James Dean from Fairmount, Indiana, is killed in an auto accident in California.



    Our Where in Indiana? from last week was taken at Garfield Park, Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Garfield Park

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    Indiana Quick Quiz

    1. Which Indiana city is known for it’s architecturally significant structures?

    2. During the Indiana gas boom, which Indiana city was home to 11 different glass companies?

    3. Do you know the 2 counties where the 2,800-acre man-made reservoir, Lake Freeman is located?

    4. Which Indiana city is home to one of three remaining Gustav Dentzel stationary carousels in existence?

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    Did You Know???

     You can see a fossilized coral reef more than 350 million years old along the river’s banks, in Falls of the Ohio State Park.


    1. Columbus

    2. Hartford City

    3. Carroll and White

    4. Logansport