This Week in Indiana History


September 10 – September 16

This Week in Indiana History

Robert Wise September 10, 1914 Robert Earls Wise, Academy Award winning director, producer and editor, was born in Winchester, Indiana. He won the Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Picture for the films West Side Story and The Sound of Music.

September 11, 1847 Theodore Clement Steele was born in Owen County.  His family later moved to Waveland.  He studied art at home and abroad and gained fame as a member of the “Hoosier Group” of artists in the early 20th century.  His work is highly prized today.


O'Bannon September 13, 2003 Indiana Governor Frank O’Bannon died from a stroke suffered five days earlier. He was in the third year of his second term and had served many years in the state senate and two terms as lieutenant governor under Evan Bayh.

September 14, 1822 Migrating gray squirrels destroyed much of the corn crop in the fields of  Indiana. squirrel

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Indiana Quick Quiz

1. How many historic covered bridges are in Indiana?

2. What was the Hoosier Group?

3. What year did the Colts move from Baltimore to Indianapolis?

4. What did T. C. Steele name his home in Brown County?

Answers Below

Did You Know???

You can tour the Brown County home of T. C. Steele? You can also hike the trails and stroll through the gardens.


1. 98

2. Five impressionist artists from 1880-1915, who painted landscapes around their homes in Indiana

3. 1984

4. The House of the Singing Winds