This Isn’t Funny Anymore By Andrew Horning


Freedom, IN – We’ve always joked about dead people voting; even when my own campaign team actually proved election fraud in 2004 (several media outlets outside Indiana picked up the story – the Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune, for example). Maybe there was some sick humor in that CIA-backed forces and less-covert USA-backed forces are fighting each other in Syria; or that we’re taking opposite sides in all conflicts in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. Maybe it was dark irony that TE Lawrence warned us about backing the Saudis and fighting everybody else at once.

But now that China passed anti-terrorism legislation that may involve them with Russians against us in Syria, let’s please stop and think.

A dozen US Presidents, starting with our very first, warned us about the entrenchment of crony factions. Several warned us about what Eisenhower called “The Military Industrial Complex” and it’s central banking enablers. General Smedley Butler called it a “racket” a hundred years ago…before the militarization had reached our own streets here at home.

We have no excuses.

WWIII is entirely possible because the corrupt, fear-aggression-syndrome crime ring we call government has flown totally off the rails of law, morality, economics and sanity. And that has been by our own choice. We cannot blame the politicians that we reelect for their service to evil after their first reelection. And over 90% do get reelected, when the lot of them should be fired.

That’s the whole point of Election Day, you know. It’s not to hire people. It’s to fire them..

I’ve sent out dozens of press releases on serious subjects proposing radical changes to reverse our flight off the cliff, and toward peace, prosperity, security and freedom. Only three media outlets have printed or in any way covered my proposals.

I’ve run for office many times; but this is my first candidacy for any office for which there is no debate, no discussion of important topics, no serious job interviews, and the status quo is so obviously promoted by most mainstream media without so much as a tinge of skepticism or curiosity.
I’m disgusted and appalled at our obvious incurious, numb inertia, and tacit approval of destructive corruption, theft and violence up to the edge of catastrophe – societal, economic and military.

Shame, shame shame.


Liberty …or Bust

Andrew Horning