Paid Advertising For The Committee To Elect Bruce Ungethiem County Commissioner



    • I think…not sure…but this appears to be “Let’s WIN this thing, and any over-the-line-encroaching behavior? Well, we’ll ask for forgiveness afterwards.”

  1. Is this what happens when Park, Winnecke and Abell strong arm CCO advertisers to drop their ads or risk losing thousands of dollars of City and County contracts, as alleged…?

    • Oh dear S-S-Up….you surely jest about losing ads…I guess the old saying “What’s the use of political power if you can’t abuse it”

  2. Proud of Ungethiem committee to approach the CCO to place this last minute well placed video ad. Bet this ad will motivate people to go to the polls and vote for Bruce Ungethiem for County Commissioner. I hear the rural republican, independents and tea party voters are coming out in groves to vote for Bruce Ungethiem for County Commissioner tomorrow. Oh, I forgot to say that the Vanderburgh County farmers are going to get off their tractors to vote early for Bruce.

    • BTW my dear True Republican…maybe those old retired senior citizen farts that Marsha referred as non-productive citizens and those Hi-Tech non-producers may also show up at the poles as well and of course, as Marsha said, those lazy farmers will not take the time to get off their to vote. Remember old Mr. Murdock, the one that can not beat Sen. Lugar, appears history will be repeating. The lesson that those so-called conservative republicans may learn from this, better chose wisely and deviate from the conservative platform. As a dear friend once said, ” Marsha’s mouth will to sure overloaded her a-s-s”

  3. As a rural Vanderburgh County voter Marsha Abell, the Mayor and Wayne Parke better get ready to get a big county take you behind the barn political a– kicking.

    • Well Stand Up…tomorrow evening the good ole boy republican network will find that when you abandon the republican platform of conservatism there will be a price to pay…and, boy will they pay….

  4. Go Bruce go Bruce. And thanks for supporting the cco. Whoever did your ad did a great job. Abells commercial was flat out terrible.

    I sure hope ungethiem wins tomorrow. This would be a major victory for the populist movement over the machine. Thanks Bruce for stepping forward to take this much needed challenge on. While others sit, complain, and reason with themself that there’s nothing they can do, you are running straight into this battle to set the county free from the self serving machine. Thank you!

  5. Masterful move Bruce Ungethiem election committee for securing a paid political advertising on the front page of the CCO one day before the election. Thanks CCO for standing up for our rights and freedom. I pray that Bruce wins tomorrow so we can break the chain of back room political bondage.

  6. Are radio and video ads supposed to have an oral disclaimer spoken by the candidate?

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