1. Republican divisiveness and hatred. Gotta have a scapegoat. Blame the poor, don’t dare question the crooks on Wall St.

    2. I really wish this website would stick to local politics. I am tired of the cartoon articles being slanted so heavily in favor of the right…Go ahead and call me a libtard it’s ok I can assure you I am a very centrist person. Yes I believe in welfare and other social programs but I also believe that the country should place hard limits on the amount of time a person is able to get the benefits. I also think that people using social programs should be drug tested, don’t get high with my money.

      • I’m with you on the “hard limits” on time spent on social welfare programs, just as long as that same “hard limit” is placed on people being hungry, unemployed, or sick. We can’t just arbitrarily decide that on a certain day, John Doe will suddenly have a job he is capable of doing and be able to hold it, and that it will pay enough for him and his children to live in safe, decent surroundings, eat well, and generally live like human beings. How do you propose accomplishing that? As for drug testing for people on assistance, all it has accomplished is proving that very few people who are poor are on drugs, because they can’t AFFORD them. Besides, many of the state laws requiring it have already been struck down. You ought to read up on facts before you form an opinion.

        • I can have an opinion that drug testing be done on people who receive government assistance regardless of what the numbers show. If testing deters even one person from using while under an assistance program then it’s worth it. Is a year not enough time to find a job? I know of a landlord locally that is section 8, he has very nice housing and is told to keep it that way by the federal government. He has tenants that will quit their jobs just to avoid the assistance stopping. That is not only morally wrong it should be illegal. The whole point of assistance is a hand up not a hand out and over the last 20-30 years it has become more about what can I milk out of the system and less about how can I use it to get back on my feet. I was woefully underemployed quite some time ago and needed assistance but couldn’t get it. I “made too much” $9/HR is apparently too much. I was advised to either quit my job, get divorced or have a couple of kids. Their words not mine. That is the moment that turned me against these programs in their current form.

          • Very good post. I agree. I would also hope, as a “centrist”, you realize there is one reason the programs you describe (and others as well) are in their current form. Democrats.

          • ‘If testing deters even one person from using while under an assistance program then it’s worth it.’

            No it’s not. That is one of the most patently ignorant things I’ve ever read. I’d say you were overpaid at $9/hr. It is now painfully clear the level Flaugher’s target audience operates on.

            The Flaugherites twist into odd shapes trying to sound tough. Scarfing up all the benefits they can while railing against those ‘section 8ers’. Long ago co-opted into the ‘wait for the trickle down brigade’, unaware that their job on the team is to remain poor and keep giving cover to their unseen masters. Turning bitter when denied handouts they quickly blame those even less fortunate than themselves. Occasionally one will puff up and deliver of himself a jim-dandy like Name did.

            • +1000

              The politics of resentment. When, Wall St., the DOD, coal, oil, gas companies, and farm subsidies get TRILLIONS in handouts these flaming hypocrites don’t bat an eye. Not a word about “buying votes” or “living in a govt hammock.”

              But OMG!! Let somebody get $50 in food stamps or unemployment and BAM!
              Their ready to explode!! And of course Fraud News and Hate wing are ready and waiting to fan the flames,(snickering all the while)

              The stupidity burns.

              PS Follow the money, the testing companies will ALL be GOP donors/allies.

            • Wow, because I needed help and couldn’t get it I am the problem. Sorry I was working my way through college and trying to raise a child. I now am gainfully employed making quite a substantial sum. Didn’t even qualify for section 8 when I was in college and working full time for 9/HR. I don’t have a problem with people using the programs but quitting your job just to keep the benefit isn’t right.

              Now as for the Koch Brothers, big oil and others that receive large tax breaks and government subsidy while turning out record profits that is the doing of Republicans that have backed big business for years in the hopes that one day the wealth will trickle down, I’ve got news for you guys it isn’t trickling down.

    3. This article says:

      “I’m tired of President Obama and what he says.”


      1. You get to whine instead of govern.
      2. You get to get drunk on a bottle of wine at home each night instead of governing.

      His guy lost. We know that.

      It is fascinating to me how the resent-Obama until they die Tea Party Crazies never accept responsibility for being on the LOSER BENCH…over and over….it is them taking the poison pill and waiting for Obama to die. Just fools.

    4. “Making sense of Michael Reagan”

      I did not read “The State of the Bubble Address” Friday morning, except for the first three lines!

      Instead I sat with so and so, drank my morning coffee, and played with my *********!

      Let me guess how it went.

      Blah blah blah!!!!!!!!

      Does CCO pay for this, or “get” paid for this crap from this Reagan want a be? Is it not that his real name is John Flaugher and just riding his adopted parents name/coat tails?

      Had he wrote that he “watched” the state of the union address and went on about his ramblings about the president then that would had been fine with me, but he “pretend” he had not!

    5. Michael Reagan doesn’t make sense, and neither does CCO when it spends money on drivel like this.

    6. Once again Flaugher sends the Gipper spinning. Dutch Reagan barely knew him. He’s a cheap little conman. His best shot is to shop his marketable name to state and local Republican conventions. The blinkered rubes they cater to often don’t know he’s really no more a Reagan than I am. That this bottom feeder can continue to actually make a dollar is a terrible testament to the state of the polity.

    7. Possibly the lamest piece of drivel ever published by the CCO.

      If the CCO wanted to talk national politics they could discuss:

      The abortion bill passed by the House that increase taxes and regulations on small businesses.
      Talk about divisive!!

      The RW gangster Bibi coming to beat the drums of war and try and undermine the POTUS (talk about divisive!!!) Boehner’s passive aggressive small minded stunt is already sparking a backlash.

      Governor Pence’s usurping the power of the voters to nullify Glenda Ritz’s election.
      Both highly divisive and dictatorial

      Since the CCO is so numbers and goal achievement oriented (eye roll) they could have an article about the ACA exchanges blowing past almost all of their enrollment goals.

      “National Security” “Secure the Border” republicans refusing to fund homeland security.

    8. I am amazed at how any one even a old school Democrat can be proud of this President . Tell me what he has done that makes you proud of him .

    9. “If our business does well and we rake in excessive profits we are under no obligation to share those with our workers.” – Dirt Bag Papa John. This is all the debunking trickle down economics needs, in one sentence.

      • One outspoken CEO in the pizza world is not a proxy for all of corporate America. Schnatter is just a big ego that made it in the pizza business. Technically, he is right about having no obligation, but the reality is he needs good people and the way to get them is with better pay than the competition. It will eventually bite his ass if he treats people badly.

    10. The circle the wagons whine fest going on here is hilarious. November happened for a very clear reason. It is clearly and succinctly stated in this article. When the shrill voice of the apoplectic minority is bumped up three octaves and their spittle is a mist on their keyboard and monitor, it is a good thing for the republic.

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