COMMENTARY: The Right To Assemble And To Seek Redress Of Grievances Is Enshrined In Our Constitution.


CCO Supports The Right To Assemble And To Seek Redress Of Grievances Is Enshrined In Our Constitution.

We support those who have taken to the streets to exercise their First Amendment rights to peacefully express their anger and sorrow about George Floyd’s death.  We strongly opposed the discrimination and racial injustice of people of color.  We also oppose discrimination of people of all races, color, creed, and sexual orientation.

Over the last several weeks, we have witnessed peaceful and violent protests alike throughout America. The death of George Floyd caused by several Minneapolis law enforcement officers was the tipping point that has awakened America. The George Floyd tragedy has re-enforced the opinions that many in the minority community have felt for years, that they are unfairly treated by law enforcement and the courts.

It’s obvious that outside groups and agitators are attempting to foment lawlessness and unrest to advance their own objectives to cause anarchy in America. We are a nation born of the revolutionary spirit of protest, coupling expressions of grievances against injustice with the desire to be free.

We deplore the theft, lotting, and the burning of businesses and historical landmarks caused by the random acts of lawless anarchists and thugs. In fact, we believe that these lawless thugs should be arrested and thrown in jail.  Also if any members of law enforcement cause bodily harm or violate peaceful protester’s constitutional rights they should immediately be dealt with in the appropriate manner. We’re optimistic that in the future proper restraints will be practiced by both the protestors and police alike.

Law enforcement officers are human and they make mistakes. We believe that the majority of the members of law enforcement understand that carrying a badge and gun has a responsibility and understand when to use force and when to use restraint.  They now understand what one bad decision will unleash. We also feel that there are some individuals currently in law enforcement that should be terminated because of their professional misconduct.  We also believe that the overwhelming majority of the members of our local law enforcement are professional, dedicated, ethical, and caring.

Last Saturday Mayor Winnecke and members of our law enforcement approved a plan that allowed protesters to stage a peaceful protest march starting at the Four Freedom Monuments and ended at the Ford Center.  To their credit, this event turned out to be a glorious day for the rights of people to peaceful protests and to excise their freedom of speech rights.

It’s time that our elected legislative bodies, judges, members of law enforcement, members of our criminal justice system, local clergy, community leaders and civil rights activists meet to discuss to look for ways to revise the outdated, unreasonable and discriminatory laws currently on the books in order to correct future racial injustice.

We are told that a peaceful protest is planned sometime during the next several weeks. It would be wonderful if Mayor Winnecke, City Council members, Vanderburgh County Commissioners and County Council members, Sheriff Dave Wedding, Police Chief Billy Bolin, Judges, local clergy, and civil rights activists march with the peaceful protesters to publically denounce prejudice and discrimination?  This march would show that “Evansville Is For Everone!”!

The right to assemble and to seek redress of grievances is enshrined in our Constitution. “No one is free when others are oppressed.”







  1. So well said.

    Thank you CCO.

    The point Editor makes that “agitators are attempting to foment lawlessness and unrest to advance their own objectives to cause anarchy in America”? There are posters here at the CCO, including the most prolific poster ever at the CCO who everyone here knows….they WANT violence at the peaceful protests! And it is driving them NUTS the protests are near entirely PEACEFUL.

    God bless America. God bless the United States.

    • You need to change your tag to “13.7%” unemployment. That way there would be at least one bit of truth in your posts. Nobody believes you mean for God to bless our country, nobody.

      • WRONG!

        You. Joe. Newspeak. Al Sharpie. The CCO. The Wall Street Journal. Donald Trump (while Obama was in Office).

        ALL acknowledge that the U-6 Unemployment is the REAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE because it includes people who have given up looking for a job. YOU don’t count those?

        That rate today is 21.2%.

        Slammed your ass down on that one Bernie.

        • bernie is just ornery. he aint right about nothing. he knows it. he knows he’s wrong and your right about the unemployment numbers but he’s pissed trump is a disaster. bernie is losing face

      • This BERNIE?

        He’s not paying attention.

        13.7% Unemployed Americans makes him proud? That is disgusting, pathetic and weak.

        (The 21.2 % is correct by the way. That’s the U-6 unemployment rate.)

  2. There’s A Glaring, Misleading Error In The May Jobs Report: U.S. May Be At 20% Unemployment – Forbes 05.08.2020

    “The jobs report has been inaccurate for the last two months. BLS has admitted that government household survey takers mistakenly counted about 4.9 million people as employed, although they were unemployed.

  3. BREAKING: Black Dem Lawmaker Announces Plans To Make Politically Motivated Attacks A Hate Crime: “Wearing a MAGA hat should never endanger your life”

    …Today, the brave lawmaker announced that he’s going to put forth legislation calling the attack of a Trump supporter a “hate crime.”

    I’ve watched countless videos of Trump supporters getting attacked in the streets simply due to their support of @realDonaldTrump.

    Let’s call this what this is: a hate crime.

    And as we return to the legislature next week, I’ll be introducing legislation that’ll make it such….

    • This post smacks of a white nationalist fabricated narrative created by racist websites.

      Total fabricated narrative to create hate and more division.

      THIS. This right here. Supporters who think like this trash post.

      THIS is why Trump is losing.

      • And once again. A post from Joe that proves he is struggling to discuss THE ECONOMY….cause it means Trump loses.

        It’s the ECONOMY STUPID.

        I get why Joe places posts to create hate and division. We’re in a Trump recession and the real unemployment rate is 21.2%.


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