The Magnitude of a Lie


President with strange look

Let’s think for a second about the immensity of what was done to the American people. The lie that was told. And continues to be told. And the resulting, awful, and unavoidable conclusion that your government cannot be trusted.

Obama’s claim, stated ad nauseum, that you could keep your health insurance, your doctor, your hospital, your proctologist, and so forth, was not just untrue. It was about as far from the truth as Harry Reid is from being a Martian.

On second thought, that’s not so far. But you get what I’m talking about.

The claim wasn’t even in the ballpark. Because not just a few people’s plans are going to change. Most of them will. Tens of millions. And Obama knew it.

Because the notion that your insurance must change is not just a fun fact about Obamacare; it’s central to its premise.

Obamacare guarantees certain benefits. Therefore, ergo, and so . . . PLANS THAT DON’T OFFER THESE BENEFITS HAVE TO CHANGE OR END.

Obama likes to note that while he gets called a lot of things, stupid isn’t one of them. I think he’s a little overrated as an intellect, but he’s no doubt extremely smart. And therefore, he must have understood the basic facts of Obamacare.

Earlier this month, the White House was confronted with the evidence that millions on the individual market would lose their insurance because their plans didn’t meet Obamacare’s requirements. “A tiny segment of the market,” sneered a barely chastened White House. The overwhelming majority with employer-sponsored plans need not worry.

Not true. The lying continues.

Many moons ago, in June 2010, the administration published in the federal register an estimate that suggested around half of the 156 million Americans with employer-provided health insurance held plans would not be “grandfathered” into qualifying as compliant with Obamacare and that would have to change:

The Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013.

For those like our intellectual leader who perhaps didn’t want to comb through the fine print, it was spelled out in a handy little graph.

Federal Register Screen Shot

Some of these people would just lose their insurance outright, since the new Obama-blessed plans would cost employers more.

As you may have seen in the CBS news item below, in April 2010, just after the law was signed, the Obama administration itself estimated that Obamacare would “collectively reduce the number of people with employer-sponsored health insurance by about 14 million.”

Others would continue to have insurance provided by their employers. But all would have their insurance change. What’s more, if you have great, expensive insurance from your generous employer – or a stingy employer forced to provide a good deal by a prickly union – your employer may also trim your benefits to avoid a tax Obamacare slaps on these so-called “Cadillac Plans.”

And what about the supposed $2,500 average annual savings on premiums that families were promised? Or the “bending” cost curve that doesn’t seem to be bending so much, at least not in response to Obamacare? Or the promise that Obamacare wouldn’t harm the deficit, when the cuts used to pay for it can no longer be used for deficit reduction?

We weren’t just lied to. We were sucker punched, kicked on the ground, and thrown in a trench.

I’d say we were sold snake oil, but at least snake oil has the benefit of a placebo effect.

This was all inevitable, because it’s in the law. So where was the 5,000-word exposé in the New York Times? Why wasn’t Romney hammering away, You’re going to lose your insurance, your going to lose your insurance, until voters were hypnotized into voting for him?

How do we trust Obama when he makes promises about Iran and nuclear weapons, promises that relate to world peace and the very existence of our republic? Forget where you stand politically. Obama is our president for another three years. America needs to trust its president and the government he commands – at least a little more than it trusts a used car salesman.

It can’t. And that’s a tragedy.

Source: White House Dossier


  1. barry was a media creation…..obama is a commie that hates this country…..obamachev is a manchurian president with the help of the bought and paid for main stream media whores and low info john doles…….

    • You’re not even just a hateful conservative, you’re a certifiable nut job who should probably be institutionalized for public safety reasons.

      • You seem to have your fair share of hate. And as far as certifiable nut jobs, you must easily recognize that since you see in the mirror everyday.

  2. What’s the problem here? Everyone that voted for Obama bought into his promise to “transform” our country and he is doing exactly that. So what are you all up in arms about, so what you might, or have, or will lose your current insurance plans and have to pay more.

    If you thought your current insurance premiums were high, wait till the rest of that 20,000 page ACA takes effect. You see there is a reason why Pelosi said and I paraphrase; “We don’t need to know what’s in it, we just need to vote for it.”. She wasn’t being stupid, she knew full well if the American public had a full grasp of that 20,000 pages it would have been the death knell for the ACA.

    The ACA is not and has not been about health care, it is about destroying the medical side of the Insurance industry so they (Democrats) can institute a single payer system (another step towards communism). Don’t believe me? Fine. Just Google up Senator Reid and his statements about the very same thing.

    All you knuckleheads that have bought into the Democrat promise of this free ride failed miserably to cogitate one simple thing Obama meant by “transforming”; you CANNOT transform without DESTROYING what was and the “what was” isn’t restricted to just the Insurance companies.

    • Single payer works much better than our shit system. The only way to make ours work is to start letting people die at emergency rooms if they can’t pay up front.

      • Speaking of nut jobs!!! Do you seriously think letting people die in emergency rooms will make anything work. You need to move to a commune in a people’s republic. Why don’t you spend your time explaining Obama’s damn lies instead of personally attacking someone like dveatch. You and T-TIME are soul mates both of whom place narrow minded dogma over common sense. The month will end soon and the welfare checks will be distributed. Better get your’s so your mood can improve.

        • Once again, I don’t get any type of public assistance or disability, unemployment, nothing. Who is stereotyping now, hmmmm?

          • So John, you pay 100% of the cost for your insurance? Why because you don’t like your insurance do the rest of us have to sign up for your one size fits all “single payer,” govi-care system.

        • you do have one thing right chucklehead…..after 5yrs of lying about stimulus……benghazi……jobs…… barrycare…..on and on and on….my mind was closed years ago on barry obama the fraud……in fact before he was elected i knew he was a pathological lying commie…..that my friend is called common sense…….

      • Just curious about your life experience with single payer that you allude to……….

      • JD, are you not concerned about the QUALITY of your health care ????? Single payer does not promote quality care, its documented. Medicine is a “practice”, an “art” if you will, its not like changing spark plugs or doing a brake job on your car.

        It appear’s you have never run across a doctor that you were uncomfortable with, one that was not solving your problem. With what your promoting you will get what is dictated to you and all your moaning and groaning will do nothing to save or improve the quality of your life.

        Maybe we should push for a single payer legal system,,,, NOT

      • We all have to eat but we are not all on food stamps, however, there are many more on food stamps since the annointed one took office. We can start revamping our healthcare system by allowing interstate sales and getting rid of so many frivolous law suits directed at medical practioners and facilities. Of course the trial lawyers wouldn’t want that and they are a major contributors to the Democrat party.

  3. Real respect must be earned. One’s position does not give it to you and that includes the President. Why in the world did not one of the President’s advisors grab him by collar and tell him to stop saying that crap. It is scary how there was a deliberate effort to mislead the public. Long term damage has been done to the Office.

    Anyone who defends the President on this issue needs to get their head examined.

    It appears Obama believes “a lie is as good as the truth as long as you stick with it”


  4. Talk is cheap and action speaks louder that words:

    Obamacare’s actions are now speaking and the reality of that is difficult for the utopian believers, e.g. John Dole’s.

    For the thinkers out there based in reality look out for the types of plans being offered since the passage of this law. For the best quality care one needs to stick with a PPO (preffered provider organization) according to my doctor and that is not available through Indiana’s ACA.

    The only provider that I could find offering PPO plans in Indiana is Humana and the best one can do is a “silver” plan. My research indicates that PPO “silver” would be better than a HMO,POS “gold” plan from “ACA Anthem” or “individual Anthem”

  5. Remember the book,,,,”THE AUDACITY OF HOPE”,,,,
    WOW, The AUDACITY certainly does boggle the mind.

  6. PPACA is a failure. Insurance companies are having fingers pointed at them as the “bad guys” for making sound business decisions. Investment and commercial banks are bailed out and given a pass for nearly destroying the world economy.
    Go figure.

  7. Let’s go with the republican health care plan for America!
    They submitted a plan right?

    • They were willing to work with Pelosi and Ried at the time this piece of crap was passed and were told to jump in the lake. Obamacare was passed by lies for the agenda of liars. After 4 years the people of this country seem to be awakening from their lie induced stupor. You obviously will take a little longer. NOT ONE REPUBLICAN VOTE WAS CAST FOR THIS CRAP. You dems own it. Enjoy 2014.

      • Who said I was a dem?

        I know that I am not a little green man yelling “Falling the sky is”!

        Both the rep & dems have issues.

        I think that the rep having beening waiting for a dem lie to make people forget about the biggest lie of my gen.

        Grow up and stop being so angry all the time.

        Give Thanks!

    • Just can’t be big enough to take responsibility. But, if you like your doctor, if you like your health plan, you can keep them. Sure this whole thing is not GWB’s fault? LOL. Geez………..

      • Never blamed wilber for anything regarding health care. Dont twist my words MAN!

        I was comparing lies the last 2 presidents have told the people.

        Wonder which one killed more people.

        Just wondering.

        • It’s obvious your allegiance to the democrat party. President Bush never told a lie. Everyone with an education or non-partisan view understands that. Many world leaders and democrats in congress believed as well as Bush that WMDs were in Iraq.

          I understand you can’t own your parties policies when they fail. We all know Obama lied. If a salesman did what Obama has done, they would be thrown in prison for fraud.

          • “President Bush never told a lie. Everyone with an education or non-partisan view understands that.”

            Thanks for the laugh.

            I did not vote Barry, sorry bub.
            Now I do wish it went the other way to tell you the truth.

            The health care problem would be solved and I would have 3 or 4 wives by now.


        • Not twisting words, MAN. That was a question. GW’s “lies” were to do to misinformation. Barry’s lies are just well thought, planned out, bold faced lies. Are all barry kool-aid drinkers like him? The best defense is a good offense. Blame & deflect. Heck, the continuing failure of Obamacare is the Repubs fault, I forgot. Falling back to the same old, same old. BE A MAN AND ADMIT THE LIES & that Obamacare is just another attempt at redistribution and to ruin the middle class. I guess it is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all………LOL
          Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

          • Wealth gap at an all time high and growing. Where’s that socialism Hannity keeps telling you about?

            • Actually it is working the same way that it did in that failed experiment called the USSR. The rich feed the politically powerful who in turn lie to the masses while ripping them off. Those who oppose go to the Gulag and the connected live like kings. In capitalistic America the poor get a job at WalMart at minimum wage but in the USSR the poor got damn near nothing. Choose your poison wisely dude. Being a WalMart greeter sounds better to me than having the KGB deciding how many potatoes you will get.

    • You biggest mistake is thinking government involvement is a solution. It isn’t and won’t be and it doesn’t matter which political party offered a plan.

      • The biggest mistake on this thread is that people assume way to much (flattered)! I do Not rely on the gov for hand outs or help.
        Some need it so as a human I think we should all help. Think about that will you not!

  8. Anotherlocal: Obama lied and and kept lying about Obamacare.

    Bush and several other world leaders made a big mistake based on bad intelligence. I do not believe Bush lied.

  9. The only thing worse than a blatant liar is the throng of Flying Monkeys that surface to defend and justify the liar.

    It is indicative of the spread of Progressive Disease.

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