by Dr. Dan Adams


Growing up outside of Boston, I was often offered a leaf or two of my parents’ hot artichokes with heavy Hollandaise sauce.  I hated them.  After working hard for four summers as a ditch digger and Coke-a-Cola, vacation replacement driver, I finally got out of college and into medical school.  My incredible parents decided, rather than work that summer, I should go to Europe for almost three months on a shoestring. Their impeccable logic was that I would never be that free from responsibility ever again; they were right.

Thus one hot August day, I found myself wandering down the Rue de Dragon in Paris, looking for lunch.  Sitting down at a small table in a no-name diner, I saw artichaut vert froid (cold, green artichoke) on the menu.  Intrigued, I asked in French what kind of sauce accompanied the dish.  The kind lady laughed and said one used “what is right in front of you… olive oil, vinegar, and mustard!”   The resulting hors d’oeuvre was delicious, and it began my love affair with this simple dish.  The below recipe is my tinkering with it over decades.

Cooking Artichokes

Trim the base of each choke above the first leave level.  Trim the top to get into the choke.  Loosen the center leaves of choke.  Fill a BIG pot with water and place chokes in the same w/o touching the sides of the pot.  Add spices…my choice Basil, Spanish paprika & Oregano… in the water and straight into the top of choke.  Add a shot of cooking wine… I use Sangria… to the water AND into the top of the choke.  Boil for 55 minutes.  Drain upside down until cool. Wrap in foil and refrigerate until serving.

Sauce a la Parisienne

Equal parts Olive Oil & light-colored vinegar…  I often use Rice Wine vinegar.  Add Honey Mustard to taste and sauce thickness to coat choke leaves. Add your own spices. Vigorously shake in a plastic container.  refrigerate until needed.



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