Terry White opts out of 8th District Congressional non-Primary


The CCO has learned that Terry White is opting out of the Democrat Party smokey back room candidate choice machine and into the race for State Senator. Mr. White’s exit from the race for his parties nomination leaves only two people left to schmooze for the affections of the Party Bosses for the Democrat nomination for the 8th Congressional District for the US House of Representatives.

Mr. White will be challenging incumbent Republican State Senator Vaneta Becker for her long held seat.

The Vanderburgh County Democrat Chairman Mark Owen and Vice Chairwoman Connie Robinson who recently endorsed Republican Lloyd Winnecke for Mayor of Evansville are calling about 250 Democrat office holders and precinct committee people together Wednesday night at 6:30 at the C. K. Newsome Center to discuss the remaining two candidates for the party nomination.


  1. my wife, who is a committeeperson is patiently waiting for her invite to this shindig

    • If you’re a real dem you’ll fall in line behind me and get the vote out for my man Terry. Not hop to it, and get it done!

  2. In the Warrick County of 20 years ago Terry could have pulled it off. In the Warrick County of 2011 he has no chance, as the good old boys in the Democractic Party have been outnumbered by the hordes of executive honchos who live there. To them Terry is nothing more than a country bumpkin.

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