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Term Limit Proposal Draws Mixed Responses

Evansville elected officials may be held to similar standards as the President of the United States. Evansville City Council members are proposing a three four-year consecutive term limit. However, the push for term limits on Evansville City Council is already causing tension among council members.


The first reading on the matter was held Monday night and the reaction was mixed. Dan McGinn says, “The study shows that if someone runs their maximum limit of a city councilman then they immediately run for county councilman and run their term limits there, so if the intent is to get rid of certain people bottom line is it does not work.”

The terms served prior to 2020 would not count and the three-term limit would start fresh. Councilperson Adams is also proposing term limits for all Evansville officials including the mayor.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke says, “I personally have never been a big fan of term limits in my opinion. Voters, I think, pretty much have a good handle on when their elected representatives have stopped being effective for them.”

This was just a first reading so no action was taken.

The next reading will be in two weeks and will include a time for the public to speak on the matter.


  1. Dump the health care plan and I bet we wont have to worry about term limits. Full health care working a part time gig, unheard off, except Evv city council

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